Cool Bedroom Designs for Kids of All Ages

If you want to have cool designs for your kids’ bedrooms, it is important that you consider what they want as well. Do they want to have color in their bedrooms? Are they looking for more storage? It is your answer to all these questions is yes, then we have the right advice to give you. This article will help you find out which of these bedrooms for kids would fit your overall design plan for your own children’s bedrooms in the future no matter what age they are.

If you want to have a modern style kids’ bedroom, this particular bedroom design should be the one to consider. With a light blue color scheme paired with a silver and white background, this will be the best bedroom for kids that are fond of modern designs.

silver and white kid bedroom

This bedroom definitely has an edge over the others because of the color scheme and overall design. It reminds me of the sea whenever I look at it. The bed also has ample storage space underneath so you don’t have to worry about not being able to accommodate your child’s belongings because of the size of the bedroom.

striped kid bedroom design


Who says that your children’s bedroom cannot have sophistication at all? This picture says otherwise.

brown bedroom design idea

If you want to save space in your children’s bedroom, this is the best design that you can possibly have and use. The shelves and storage units under the bed will definitely save you some space when it comes to keeping things in order in the bedroom.

blue kid bedroom

This next bedroom design will be good for kids who are transitioning into their teen years. It is not too young looking and not too old either.

cute pastel bedroom for girls

This bedroom design definitely fits your growing boy’s personality. You should definitely use it in the future.

kid bedroom + bed storage idea

Here is a simple, but beautiful bedroom that will certainly be good for your growing daughter as well.

cool kid bedroom with brigth accents


If you don’t have enough rooms in the house, using beds like this one can definitely save you some space. It will also foster the relationship between your children in the long run if the share a bedroom together.

kid bedroom storage

Here is another bedroom design that you can definitely do for your daughter. It is simple yet extremely colorful and elegant to look at. I am sure that your little girl will love it and love you even more for doing it to her room.

pretty pink and white bedroom

These are just some of them may need bedroom designs that you can do for your children. You don’t have to be at a loss for design ideas. You just have to ask them what they want and let it serve as an inspiration for your own design plan in the future.

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