Creating A Secret Doorway: Making Use of Additional Space In The House

If you want to redesign your house, it would be cool to add some hidden rooms in the floor plan. This will give you the opportunity to add additional storage space or rooms in the house that can give you more privacy in the future. Here are some examples of rooms that you can add to your floor plan in the near future.

First of all, you can add a secret door that can lead to your library. It will definitely be an adventure for you to go to your library every day if you have this secret passage to go through. hidden-room-1

Source: inhousesf

Secondly, you can also hide the door to your bedroom by making it part of the wall design. It will be a good surprise for your guests and an ingenious way to utilize any additional space in the bedroom.


Source: patrickahearn

This is another storage room that is cleverly hidden on the other side of the bathroom wall. If you don’t want the door to be visible, add some matching wallpaper to the design.


Source: robinpelissier

This is another smart way to add to the function of your hallway walls in the future. You can use it as a door to another room or additional shelving in the hallway. Either way, it will be a great addition to your floor plan in the house for sure.


Source: joshualawrence

If you want a storage closet that would not detract from the beauty of your living room, use a matching door design that will ensconce this particular space in your house.


Source: siolstudios

This is a great way to connect your bathroom to your living room without making it too obvious. I will definitely try this for my own home in the future.



Source: svdesign

Another library door that extends to the sitting room. This will definitely be a great way to divide your space without sacrificing aesthetics in the process.



Source: sellarslathrop

You can also add additional compartments under the stairs just like this one. It will be an ingenious way to add some storage space in your house without making it too obvious.



Source: feldmanarchitecture

A clever door design that can also double as house décor in the future. You should give it a chance for your own property in the not too distant future.



Source: colonialcraftkitchens

This particular hidden room design will definitely be good for a kid’s bedroom. If you want to separate the playroom and the bedroom itself, this particular division can work like a charm.


Source: wittconstruction

These are just some of the many secret room designs that you can definitely use for your own home in the future. It is important that you are able to match the color of the doorway to your walls so that you can maintain the mystery and physical illusion of having the invisible door that can lead to any particular secret room in the house.

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