How To Customize Your Book Shelf

Bookshelves! What home doesn’t have one? A wonderful addition to any room, be it  a study or a lavish living room. The perfect accent and display for your favorite pieces of literature, and something that screams “Intellectual”, or “Okay so maybe I don’t read, but look at this impressive book shelf, eh? eh?”. Whether or not you have a century old, vintage book shelf passed down from your great, great, great, great nana, or an ordinary massed-produced one, we have the perfect pointers for helping you how to customize your book shelf. Let’s do this!

unique book shelf idea

having your book shelf in unique, fun designs is a fresh twist on the regular, old book stack. This one, with its zigzags and slanted box cuts, even has a telly mounted in the middle. Unusual, unexpected, functional, and fun!

pretty shelf

When you bring together Bead board backing, plus crown molding, this is what you get: a custom shelf with a cozy feel, and simple elegance. Molding adds texture, and is overall the go-to touch when going for  look that spells C-L-A-S-S-Y.

home decor bookshelf style

When you hear the word bookshelf, I’d like to bet that 10 out of 10 times, an image of a classic, horizontal-style bookshelf comes into mind. This style is perfect for maximizing space, and pays homage to the classic look. Flourish with some cubbies, a cabinet or two, perhaps a vase, and you’re all set!

chic shelf style

Itching for something that looks built-in? DIY that baby! For a super easy breezy trick, have it raised ever so slightly, giving it height and volume. Embellish with some molding at the bottom, to give your otherwise generic bookshelf that elevated, elegant look!

book shelf diy

For the pièce de résistance, have your beautiful bookshelf integrated into unconventional parts of your home! For instance, a bookshelf + kitchen island? Clever, convenient for all those cook books and magazines, and great aesthetic!


We hope these tips got you itching to deck out your own bookshelf. Good luck, and have fun!

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