How To Decorate Your Home With Spring Pastels

There is just something so ethereally beautiful about pastel colors. soft, feminine, and dainty in every facet and shade, pastels are perfect for adding magic wherever it’s cast. With the additional season of Spring, the two make a match that truly know how to pack a punch. Pastel spaces aren’t just for chic magazine photo shoots or Marie Antoinette’s big, bright world of glamorous parlors and eating cake. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best tips on how to decorate your home with spring pastels, because knowing just how to make the right amount of pastel pop in a room is a formidable feat every style-savvy person knows how to do. Let’s begin!

1. Bookshelf baubles 


What better way to brighten up that dusty old bookshelf than with the cutest baubles in sweet, pastel shades? Have your favorite baubles lined up on the shelves, or in between books. From little trinkets, to a chic lamp in a gorgeous pastel hue, your bookshelf is sure to get the makeover it deserves. Check this out on  My Attic

2. Kitchen Linens


Truly a feast for the eyes! Spring is the perfect time to showcase those beautiful pastels in your linens and kitchen ware! From spots to stripes, your table cloth, or your seats. These pretty pops of color certainly improve the looks of any kitchen setting.  Donkey and the Carrot has this and more, just for you.

3. Rugs


Don’t neglect those floors.  To bring everything together, a sturdy rug in a beautiful pastel shade with fun patterns is the way to go about it. Smaller-sized rugs can pull off the look too, and it isn’t as heavy on the pocket as larger-sized ones are. These rugs are sure to make a  sweet difference, as  Cupcakes and Cashmere has shown us.

4. Plant Pots


I don’t know about you, bu I feel like running to the store and picking up every cute little pot plant in my favorite shades of pastel. Heck, i’ll just go buy pints of this beautiful color and paint them myself. Whether or not you wish to buy them or DIY them, these pastel pots for your plants are the perfect way to spice up that garden game. who would have known that  some pastel pots like these terra pots would be enough to make someone want to garden? Check this and more picture-worthy shots on  Instagram.

5. Dipped furniture 

pastel dipped-chairs

Yes, Dipped furniture is a thing and we’re absolutely crazy about it! Incorporating pastels into your furniture is the perfect way to brighten your space up! Take a cue from  Hally’s and start having those dining chairs dipped to get the most exquisite dining set on the face of the planet. Even Mary Antoinette would want a seat at your table for dinner.

6. Curtains


Deck out those draperies in the daintiest of shades! Throw in a vibrant sun-shine yellow chair while you’re at it, because the more pastel, the better!  Art and Chic knows how to make a room pop, and you should too. Pastel adds such a delicate touch on things, it’s the perfect accent and color theme for those who want to achieve a stunning, pastel haven!

7. Office storage


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Your  home office or work space can in fact look this darn good! Take a break from all the mundane and drab, and switch things up with some pretty, funky, and undeniably fun pastels!  Two Twenty One sure knows how to make work all the more bearable (and stylish).

8. Craft supplies


Pastel heaven is real and it exists, people. Transform your crafts studio into the stuff of dreams by having it decked out in ceiling to floor pastel! We salute you,  Torie Jayne.

9. Throw Pillows


You can never have too many pillows! These throw pillows are perfect for that cozy couch.  Bright Bazaar approves.

10. Painted Furniture 


Pastel paint is a wonderful thing. Transform anything into magic with just a swipe of this beautiful shade. via Fjeldborg. Now it’s your turn to have your hand and this glamorous hack! Good luck, and have fun.

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