How To Make A Floor Mirror Frame

Ever go furniture shopping and stroll pass that really jazzy mirror with the chunky frames 10 times and think “I need that at home”? Lo and behold, that floor mirror frame is the stuff of dreams no more! Yes, we are going to DIY this thing like a boss.

how to make a mirror frame


Picking up a 4-inch mirror lying around at home, I brought together these other materials in order to complete the project. You’ll need:

1.) A pine board; enough to provide four inches on each side of your mirror.

2.) 4 pieces of trim in your preferred style. A sloped trim piece will do just fine, as we’ll be using this for framing the larger board.

3.) 4 pieces of detailed interior trim pieces for mirror framing.

4.) Dark stain. You don’t need too much.

diy mirror

To start, cut your board, since finding them in the perfect measurements you need is either impossible or expensive (If you choose to have it cut for you. Might as well scrap the project all together). Run the board through your table saw. A hand held saw will work just fine if your wood isn’t too thick. The 4 inches of frame will add the flare your mirror needs.

wood diy

Set the mirror in place, and begin to measure and cut the trim pieces. Mark where to cut. Setting the mirror in the middle of the newly cut large board, it is time to measure and cut the trim pieces. Setting them in the designated spots around the mirror. Then marking where to cut. You can set your table saw at a 45 degree angle, and allow the corner to meet the flush. Push down and begin cutting the corners. Measure the other side and do the same.

frame diy

how to make a mirror frame

Repeat the procedure to be able to frame the larger board. If you don’t own a table saw and execute a 45 degree cut, don’t sweat. You can always just cut the pieces a a tad bit longer on one side and have both ends meet at the corner.

wood stain prep

Time for staining. Picking up a deep chestnut shade will give a dark feel to the wood, giving off a rich and textured feel.


If your wood is untreated, you can skip the sanding and priming part and cut right to the staining. Take a rag and dip it in your stain, wringing it before rubbing across your wood. Move quick, and rub it in well to achieve a nice, blended look.


For the main frame itself, opt for a classic color like white. With a can of spray paint, hold the can a few inches away from the wooden pieces and yourself.


Keep in mind that the more coats of paint and stain that you do, the less grain would show. So keep your layers light, allowing a richer, more rustic feel to take over. Unless you find that you’ll be needing a bit more coating to keep the wear and tear at bay, stick to one layer.

wood glue mirror frame diy tutorial

Once dry, put your mirror in place, making sure everything is in check and all sides are even. Wood glue will do just fine for this step. Mark it to ensure a slim chance of making a mistake.


Add the glue on your mark, and once the mirror is firmly in place, add weights on top of it such as books to help it adhere better. This one took about 4 hours, but depending on the instructions on your glue, time varies.

mirror frame diy easy and chic

With assembling the mirror, nail in the trimmings. A small nail on each end of the wooden pieces, as well as one in the middle should do the trick.


Viola! Take a moment to breathe it all in. Your masterpiece is now a fantastic blend of contemporary and rustic. Ain’t she pretty? The white and the dark wood stain make a lovely pair.


DIY mirror

The perfect touch to any home.


Cost effective DIY projects are always the way to go.

DIY-mirror frame project

Enjoy your new mirror!



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