How to Work A Black And White Striped Rug

The perfect way to bring the whole room together is with a great rug. Having your decoration skills on fleek isn’t rocket science, and rugs in vibrant, eye-catching details, is the perfect touch to elements that make a room. A classic, timeless color scheme, Black and White is everything from fun to elegant, and we have just the tips for making it work and breathe life into your floors.

black and white

Large stripes catch your eye and make the rug the focal point of the room, and it’s so gorgeous and simple that it absolutely works.


Accent pillows make the look. The pairing shows balance, symmetry, and great couch game.


Pair off your stripes with some funky wall art! Vibrant pieces such as geometric styles and patterns add vibrancy to your room without tampering with the cohesive black and white motif.

stripes love

Have your rug coordinate with other elements in the room! Note how the rug settles in nicely with the colors, all nice and neutral. Such a sight to see, all cozy and chic.


Nothing makes a statement as big and bold as contrast does. Play off two different, strong decor styles. The light, airy room and its pastel walls work wonderful with the bold black and white rug.


Stripes and the Nautical theme are like an old married couple, happy and in love. This rug loves everything from Caribbean whims to wooden accents, the black and white not a bit too over bearing. Rustic and contemporary, this fresh look never fails to deliver chic.


Stripes make your modest sized rooms look larger! pair it off with accents to create a space fit for nobility.

entryway style

Show your entryway some much deserved love! This rug feels right at home with this fresh, bamboo style entryway shelf complete with embellishments. What a welcome!

chic design

Black and white rugs love to steal the show, especially when paired with light colors, pastel shades, and picks such s mint green and shades of grey.



But don’t let your favorite dark colors take the backseat, either! Black and white look stunning in deep navy shades, too. Couple it with some dark wooden furniture, and you have something that screams elegance and taste.


Balance is always important.

light scheme

Off whites and greys are the perfect colors for channeling chic, modern, and casual.


This rug is perfect for livening up the workplace!

Just. Look. At. This. Room. Large furniture and your striped black and white rug know how to play well together, so clashing is something you don’t need to worry about.


If it’s dynamics you’re after, then look no further! This bold piece does all the work, so you don’t have to. A simple room will have you going wow with this spectacular addition.


A great concept wall, plus accent pillows on a chic leather couch will work magic with your stripes. Modern glamour.


A room in a chromatic color scheme with wood flooring? Perfect. Your carpet brings this whole look together, making this tip all the more awesome. Doesn’t this make you want to stay in this room forever? We know we could.


Black and white stripes know how to tame vibrant colors!


Geometric embellishments, along with great accents bring diversity and a unique, whimsical sense of style.


And if you aren’t into stripes, you could always go for patterns in different styles! take a look at this chevron carpet for scale. Good luck, and have fun!

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