Ideas For Painting Your Livingroom

When having your hand at designing, the best place to start is with the paint color. It sets the tone for the entire space; light and bright, beautiful and bold, or dark and cozy atmospheres ripe for the picking. Sticking to a small selection of colors, mostly just one unifying color, is best. Whether you want a show stopping feature wall, amazing color blocking, or even to die for ombre, we’ve gathered a couple of the best style inspirations to get you driving to the nearest hardware store.

Light and Bright

Let’s start with the basics of incorporating light walls. Light walls are a tried and true favorite; they give your space a fresh and clean feel, and the simplicity of it all is never outdated. For small spaces, a light wall color will make the space feel bigger and open it up more. The most versatile in the wall category, light and bright walls look absolutely amazing. To achieve a Scandinavian Modern look, choose clean white. For an airy crisp feel in your room, choose a light blue, and for a country cottage choose cream or a hint of yellow. This wall choice truly has a lot of promise.

white and grey living room decor

To keep your color choice from being a little too drab, expose stimulating architectural features, choose brightly colored modern accents, hang art, or make your furniture in a great style a strong focal point! The white living room looks amazing because the lack of color draws attention to the beautiful accents, such as the crown molding. If you look closely, the paint colors actually accentuate the molding. The layers of architectural detail are painted in different shades of white to distinguish the texture, and the result? Stunning!

white chic living room

The great thing about a white room is that touches of colors you add to it will surely pop!

 yellow accent , white living room


While stark white looks great for modern spaces, softer colors are proffered for an elegant room. If you want to go that route, choose something with a hint of grey or yellow instead of good ol’ bright white. Notice the contrasting decor elements, such as  the black stripe on the curtains, purple couch, black frames, and dark floors. Contrast makes or breaks the entire décor, so be careful when putting your pieces together.

contrast color scheme for a living room

Light and bright rooms don’t always have to be white.

light and bright soft style living room

Dark and Cozy

Black Walls tickle your fancy? This paint color is a bold choice but can look so elegant when done right. A stark opposite of white paint, dark paint makes your space feel cozier, bringing the walls in a little closer. Black may not be the best choice for a small room, but it’s great for larger rooms.

Dark furniture pops on white walls, and vice versa. For a glamorous look; black, white and gold.

dark walls white furniture

chic dark  wall living room paint ideas

Black makes for a gorgeous modern interior, as shown in this edgy San Francisco home.

black living room , white furniture

Bold and Beautiful

Here comes the best part! Color! And with color always comes mood, so think about the personality you want your living room to bring about, and pick your color from there. People often shy away from bold color on walls, which shouldn’t be the case! Similar to black paint, for a moody and glamorous look, choose a rich color like deep blue or eggplant. This wall color will complement lush fabrics like velvet, as well as gold accents, and will emanate such an old Hollywood, old rich feel.

bold blue and red  living room interior design idea

Check out this gorgeous green living room.

green and blue living room

Orange is as bold as it gets! The shiny walls in this home were painted with non oil-based high-gloss enamel.

bright orange living room

This hue of blue is looks bold, yet serene.light blue living room design

blue walls + brigth accents , living room design

Wall Paint as Art

Art enthusiast, rejoice! It’s your wall, and you can add your own flare to it. You know what that means don’t you? Paint party! With a little bit of creativity, your walls can be feature art in your home. Color blocking, a wall mural, stunning ombre effects, the list goes on! This next living room will take your breath away. The Parisian apartment with its modernized historical features has an ombre white paint effect that you’ll be incredibly jealous of.

ombre chabby chic living room

chic ombre wall paint

The closet’s interior is a stunning mural that contrasts the ombre effect of the room quite nicely.

ombre living room design


Creating an artistic backdrop for your living space can be achieved via color blocking. wall paint color blocking

Check out this beautiful modern home with its chic painted living room floor, and a color-blocked shelf.

bright accents  interior

How amazing are these style tips? Go forth, and paint!

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