Open Floor Plan + IKEA Dividers

IKEA’s room divider selection is on fire! From glossy, classy elegant glass ones, to rustic, warm wooden ones. There’s a style that will suit everyone. Bring in some style and privacy into your open space with these great tips:


An expedit is the perfect way to appreciate your room while having some privacy. This works well for most layouts, if not all, and it doesn’t close off the entire room.


Having your IKEA Expedit colored and flourished with cubbies is the best decision you are ever going to make and commit to. Just look at how good this looks:



When you put expedit desk shelves together, they make an excellent room divider. Add hooks, as well as painted canvases, and you’re all set!



A mandal such as this one is the perfect touch to a sleek, functional room divider. Flourish with books and the like as you please.


Another clever tip we can pick up from IKEA is using expedit bookshelves as dividers! Stylish, and doesn’t take up too much space or close off the room. Plus, having your books and baubles decorate it makes it all the more fun and functional.

color scheme

It’s nice to have your divider in on the room’s color scheme, too. That way, everything blends in nicely.

dining set

A bookshelf in the dining room? It actually works!


The addition of a bookshelf into your bedroom amps up the coziness level by up to a billion percent, scientists say. You can even use your IKEA expedit as your workstation! Is there anything this piece of IKEA furniture can’t do?

work desk

Bookshelf-turned-room dividers is the reason why life is good. Enjoy them while you can, kids.

ikea home

Personalized cubbies? Yes!

ikea style


Show your entryway some love by bringing in this beautiful storage that doubles as a divider to boot! Effortless chic indeed.


Create the coziest, warmest bedroom getaway and then some with these foolproof style tips. Good luck, and have fun!



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