Stylish Hallway Furniture Design Ideas

Hallways are very essential part of your home. They are considered as the face of your home, thus they need to be stylish and unique. Obviously, as compared to average room hallways are narrower. Decorating this area is quite hard because of the uninterrupted space with long stretches. The furniture you use will show your lifestyle. Hallways provide you lots of opportunities in designing. Below are some of hallway furniture design ideas that you can use to design your hallways.


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Dark Hallways

If you plan to convert your lackluster hallway into an attractive corridor, there is stylish furniture that you can add. To balance your dramatic black décor, add brightness and warmth with textured furniture and light-colored console lamps. You many also add a large feather headdress and contemporary sconces to make a statement in a small area.

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Refreshing Hallways

Create a refreshing hallway by adding decorative details that maximize the available space by adding a narrow console or settee. Hanging mirror on the wall can also create an illusion of extra space and will add some brightness. You can also use a high ceiling to display family antiques.

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White and Black Hallway Design

Add furniture with bold color and then pair it with white to create a strong look but at the same time serene. A black painted table will look best with white painted hallway. It will make the hallway elegant. You can also add some rags and carpets along the hallway to complete the design.

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A Library Look Hallway

Putting carpets like the one used by Aladdin can make the hallway look Arabian. If you own lots of books, you can make the sides of the hallway as book stand. You and your guests will surely enjoy checking out your book collection. Your hallway will be transformed into a mini library. You can arrange the books according to its size, colors or category.

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Ancient Looking Hallway

When it comes to furniture for hallways less is more. If there is enough places in the hallway add an old ancient chair. It will create a nice touch. Keep the rest of the hallway basic. Paintings, decorations and photos that you will add will depend on the size of the hallway, more precisely its width. You can use ropes with knots to hang the photos on it. It will make the hallway very stylish. Other details may include flowers fresh or dry, shells and other interesting objects.


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