The Best Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t neglect your kitchen cabinets! An integral part of every kitchen, they need some lovin’ too. From color, to size, we’ve got the lo down on how you can achieve those contemporary kitchen cabinet dreams and have them right in your own kitchen. Let’s start!

1. Deep Chocolate 


Black can be a little too harsh, but deep Chocolate? Just the right amount of depth. A rich and elegant color, you can’t go wrong with this one.

2. A mix of old and new


Traditional gets a sleeker finish, with nice marble tops and crisp white walls. Modern and elegant.

3. Frosted glass


Cool and clean, the perfect way to showcase your frosted glass is to pair it with nice black and steel accents.

4. White and Crisp


White is always a good idea! Keep things classic and elegant with a nice, crisp color that has a feminine touch that never fails to pull you in. Couple the kitchen area with these  counter stools, and you have yourself a winner! ashleycampbell enjoys her cabinets white and her counter stools chic, too.

5. Zen


Achieve zen with this amazing mix of polished wood and white. You can almost feel it from across the screen.

6. Ultimate Future


tlastudio knows that all the perfect space needs is crisp, clean color, fine lines, neutral tones, and glossy furniture.

7. Deep Caramel


These creamy, caramel colored cabinets and shelves look good enough to eat! Functional too. For a contemporary feel, throw in some frosted glass for a wow effect.

8. Large, spacious designs 


Live large. This is as clutter free as it gets, and is perfect for having space to move about in the kitchen. Have your cabinets in a wide, smooth, wooden finish for the best effect.

9. Light grey clasps


Just look at these  soft gray cabinets. This cool tone can also register as warm and feminine, when done right. Have your cabinets in this shade, with some clasps and you’re all set.  damonliss knows how to get it done.

10. Shining black slats


To top off the list, we have a bold, contemporary kitchen with a sleek black cabinet for those who can’t get enough of the dramatic feel and great contrast.  loving the black cabinets? Check out artofkitchens. Good luck, and have fun!

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