The Best White And Wood Spaces

Nothing beats white when it comes to elegance, space, and sophistication. Couple it with the strength and warmth that wood brings, and you have yourself a match made in heaven. Here are 20 of the best concepts for gorgeous white and wood spaces:


Incorporate nature and balance within your space. Pops of color, along with the natural earthy tones that wood comes in, is the perfect fit for a stark white background.

muted colors

Muted colors and light colored wood selections blend beautifully together.


Let the wooden grain take center stage like the super star that it is. This beautiful piece is the perfect accent to your elegant white room, and brings everything together.


The waterfall effect is created when the wooden ceiling and floor meet and cascade down and all around, giving the room a warmer, cozier feel whilst ensconced in sheets of white.


Marriages of white and wood belong everywhere! From the bedroom to your kitchen! Just take a look at this gorgeous kitchen counter top!

Scandinavian motif

Do the words glossy subway tiles entice you? You might want to reconsider once you see it paired up with white paint, wooden accents, and a butcher’s block.

white plus wood

White interior, plus wide paneled wooden flooring? Yes please! This design is too elegant for words!


Bring in dimension, depth, contrast, elegance, and warmth with this chunky wooden table! its rustic charm is sure to set the tone.

white wood

Choosing the best pieces that work with your space is the key to achieving the perfect wood plus white look.


Shades and textures of wood, from lighter ones to the darker types, mixed in with white walls create a room filled with definition and sophistication.

crisp design

Freshly pressed, crisp white linen sheets coupled with glossy wooden floors and lit head panels? Take all my money.

wood accent

In some cases, all the room really needs is one great accent. A little bit of wood goes a long way, especially when placed inside a white room.


Wooden furniture and beams add balance into a room. Wood and glass go well together, too!


The rich, dark color of wood goes well with contemporary pieces as well. Vibrancy and elegance and warmth all rolled into one.


You don’t know the meaning of stunning until you’ve seen this beautiful setting of pale, white washed wood against off white to creamy wooden paneling. A fairy tale in your own home.


Glass, gloss and wood make for a modern, contemporary design haven. Clean, sleek, and open.

white home interior

Pay attention to the details! Even the tiniest ones. Look at hoe the direction of the wood grain adds so much character to the element. Chic that’s built in, I like.


Incorporating modern pieces such as steel and metal accents doesn’t take away the warmth that wood brings. It adds contrast, and it’s absolutely beautiful.


Barn style doors have been popping out everywhere! A quirky addition to your lovely home, a smooth, wooden barn style door is the perfect accent to your pristine room.

best white wood tips

An industrial touch to your beautiful white and wood combination is the addition of a sturdy looking pillar. Modern and chic! We hope you had fun, now go ahead and use these amazing tips. You won’t be sorry! Have fun!

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