Tips For Decorating With Bamboo And Rattan

Gorgeous bamboo, and exquisite rattan, are just some of the most green, eco-friendly, and efficient pieces you can use to style your home. Versatile and inexpensive (yay), they work well in almost any setting, and the warmth and zen it brings into your home will be well worth it. Take a look at our list of tips, and use them yourself! Enjoy.



Indulge yourself with a bamboo fence! Perfect for that outdoor shower, patio, or backyard deck. This wonderful tropical touch will make you feel like you’re stepping in to your very own little piece of paradise, and it makes for some great privacy.


Use them for some sneaky camouflage! Bamboo is famous for its long, slender shoots. From thin types to long, hard thick ones, have your pick in the ones you want at home. As for embellishing your wall or fence, thin and lanky are the way to go. They go unnoticed, while still having some presence. Allow them to grow by spacing them out as you go about lining your fence with the shoots.


Building a bamboo fence? Superb. You are going to relish in every single moment you have relaxing in this perfect garden. Your own Chinese style haven, with all the privacy you want. Stylish, too! Add a pong and some rocks and you have yourself a winner.


For something unique and fresh, have a bamboo centerpiece right at home! Alongside some candles, have them propped inside small glass candle holders with rocks and pebbles underneath. Perfect for that modern, natural feel.


Bamboo floors are all about that texture! Smooth and polished, they make the whole room look incredible with its soft and warm color. A refined and beautiful option for those floors, and a style staple that deserves more recognition.


Take a break from all those glass walls and whatnot, and try your hand at something a little more cozy. Might we suggest a beautiful bamboo divider such as this one? Perfect in its dark brown finish, pair this with other elements in the same earth toned color pallet, and you’re all set.


Check out this awesome wall divider! Wouldn’t mind having this around one bit. The white pebbles are a great touch, bamboo and rocks work magic together.



When the word Rattan comes to mind, more often than not we imagine beautiful furniture, especially these super stylish and fun hanging chairs like this one, so perfect for your outdoor space!


Rattan is as beautiful indoors, as it is outside. For a warm, inviting look, having rattan dining chairs is the way to go.


These guys are experts at bringing in warmth and style in any setting. They work great for your kitchen furniture, too!



Rattan brings effortless summer and beach vibes. The tropical feel is perfect for when you want to spruce things up with a unique and rustic wooden feel. These living room sets are on point.



They make for some great storage and basket options, too!


Hand crafted coffee mug with rattan weaving for its handle, anyone? Rattan and bamboo are great style options for any home, and we hope you enjoyed out selection of styling tips. Good luck, and have fun!

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