Astonishing Kitchen Designs: The Perfect Combination of Form and Function

Would you like to have a functional kitchen design that will also be aesthetically sound? This is the right article for you. We will focus on some of the most functional kitchen designs out there that will not sacrifice the physical appearance of the whole space itself. So if I were you, I will definitely go ahead and read this article from start to finish.

The first picture shows off a modern and modular design. If you want to have a monochromatic color scheme with a splash of color in your kitchen, this is the design that you should go for.

kora 1

Secondly, this modular design gives you enough space to move around the kitchen without having to change the positions of your functional furnishing. This is why it would be the perfect choice for your kitchen design and color scheme.

kora 2

Additionally, this picture and minds me of an industrial kitchen design that has everything within reach. You should definitely give this a shot.

kora 3

The sinks in this picture definitely exude simplicity and functionality all rolled into one. If I had a kitchen of my own, this would definitely be one of the designs that I would consider using if ever I would renovate.

kora 4

Having a modular kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice color for functionality. This particular picture shows you how you can have both and more in terms of design.

kora 5


In this picture, you can see how dynamic the design is because it combines the elegance of a classic kitchen design with the modern amenities that technology can bring. I am sure that anyone who likes to have a fusion of the two design genres will enjoy this particular photo.

kora 6

If you want to have additional storage units in your kitchen, you can always tried to have kitchen islands in the middle of a large cooking space. It can double as your dining table if you want to save some money as well.

kora 7

The cabinets and compartments from behind the island can definitely compensate for any lack of space that your kitchen might have. Why don’t you give it a try?

kora 9

Putting that the dining table in the middle of the kitchen can definitely give you full access to everything that you need to have in terms of food preparation and serving. You don’t have to spend too much time running around back and forth if the kitchen is just within reach.

kora 10


Lastly, here is a perfect combination of color scheme, functional design and aesthetics for the kitchen. You will have everything within reach in this particular kitchen design. In addition, you will also enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen because of the spaciousness of this particular design.

kora 8


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