Attractive DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

You cannot ignore ugly kitchen cabinets because you see it every time you enter your kitchen and each time you open them up. However, these DIY painted kitchen cabinet ideas can help you in updating your kitchen without spending that much. There are lots of DIY painted kitchen cabinet ideas you will find online but some of them may cost you a lot. Before you start painting your kitchen cabinets make sure that you have decided already what theme and color you will apply.

Using Spray Paint

Painting your kitchen cabinet with a spray is much easier. You only need a paint sprayer and the high-gloss or semi- gloss paint that you want.  Spray paint is very easy just fill the spray with the color you have chosen and spray evenly on your cabinet.

blue paint kitchen cabinets 1


baby blue accent painted kitchen cabinets


Choosing Between Latex and Oil

Homeowners are having a hard time deciding which type of paint to use in your cabinet. These days, latex paints are more preferred for DIY painted kitchen cabinet because it dries up easily and can be cleaned using water. However, there are still some who want to use oil-based paints because they form a firmer, more durable paint film and can provide a smoother finished surface.

glossy painted kitchen cabinets


yellow painted kitchen cabinet


Using Paint Brush

If you prefer the least complicated method of painting your kitchen cabinet, using paint brush will do the trick. It works well with simple cabinet designs. The secret for having a smoother finish using paint brush is to sand the surface after each coat of paint. To pain the inside of the cabinet boxes, you can use a small foam roller. Painting your kitchen cabinets will only take several minutes, choosing the right paint color will take you several hours sometimes days to decide. Choose the one that will make the room brighter, lighter and comfortable to work with.

monochromatic look painted kitchen cabinet


blue paint kitchen cabinets 2


Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Black

Black is the best paint color that you can use to contrast the lighter shades of your kitchen floors, countertops or walls.  Black painted kitchen cabinets can complement just about any kitchen style, from midcentury contemporary to the most traditional. If you don’t want to use black, you can choose between beige and warm brown.

Gray and dark blue combination


traditional brown cabinets


Mix and Match Colors

Most kitchens have various shades of gray. This adds sophistication and stateliness to any design of painted kitchen cabinets. You can mix and match gray with yellow, green or blue paint.
spray on painting 1

How to

brush painting


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