DIY: Eco-Friendly Wooden Desk

Creating your dream work environment that’s work conducive, efficient, and eco-friendly has never been easier! If your hands are itching for another great DIY project, you’ve found it. Read through the article to find out how you can create you very own eco-friendly wooden desk. You know you want to.

Raw and simple corner desk


For those who enjoy simple wooden pieces of furniture that’s decent and functional, than this one’s for you. To create this  corner desk, you’ll be needing 40 inches of 2×6 framing wood cut into eight 5 inch pieces,  4 inch 1×2 oak piece, four 2.5 mending plates, 48 pieces of 1’ inch screws, 10 pieces of 2 inch traditional wood screws, four legs, low gloss polyurethane, and wood glue.


Begin lining up the four piecing of 5 inch framing wood pieces. Place two mending plates  2 feet from either edge, securing two additional mending plates to the other side. Repeat procedure for the remaining four pieces. Next, attach the legs. Viola! For more, check out abeautifulmess.

Simple wooden desk that hides your wires

wooden disk diy

The worst part about a fine desk is the clutter that eventually unmasks itself, usually in the form of pesky wiring from our gadgets. A quick fix for those pestering wires plus a desk that’s too good to be true, coming your way in 3…2..1


This cheeky little invention is a desk that comes with wooden panels and wiregutters that allow you to position and hide all those pesky wires. You have johnnydoes to thank for that one.

Multimedia Desk from scratch


The beauty of  building your own desk in the comfort of your own home, is that you get to implement the style and direction you want. You don’t even need to be a genius with carpentry when there are a lot of great DIY projects and tutorials out there to help you out. And more often then not, all you really need is a nice, flat surface and a couple of legs to get the show on the road.


diy desk

And gathering up that flat surface and some legs is exactly what  apartmenttherapy is set on doing. If you want to add extra fix ins, like wire gutters and cabinets, feel free to do so!

Minimalist desk with open top leaf


With its sleek design and nice, crisp color, this desk is every minimalist lover’s dream. It’s functionality means style quality.



This look is all about obtaining a fresh, clean, space. With those wires out of the way, you get to enjoy this design all the more. Via  Lifehacker.

Wooden Pallet Desk


This office could quite possible win the award for most eco-friendly. These wooden pallets were transformed into desks! How clever is that?

eco friendly

From glorious, eco-friendly desk designs, to storage containers and even bed frames! The possibilities for these amazing wooden pallets are endless. We hope you’ve been inspired to go green and create a desk of your own. Good luck, and have fun!


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