DIY: Pencil Holders For Your Home Office

Enough of those pens and pencils running a muck over your work space, and start finding some stylish alternatives to keep them reigned in. Pencil cases of the DIY variety are our favorite, and we can’t wait for you to see what other ideas we have for you to enjoy!

 Rustic Pencil Holder


There’s just something about rustic anything that pulls you in. This easy pencil case is a no-fuss project, and its simplicity is pretty much magic.  strawberry-chic loves this one too. To get this for yourself, find a chunk of wood in the size you like just fine, and drill holes in it for the pencils to stand in. Viola, the perfect piece for your work desk or art table.



Paper Tubes Pencil Holder


It’s all about recycling, baby. This eco-friendly and super cute pencil holder was created by using a paper core, 2 pieces of thick cardboard, 3 balls of yarn, some felt, masking tape, and glue. Measure the circumference of the tube, then cut out a circle using the thick cardboard. Attach to the base of the paper tube using tape, adding some felt as you go along. Start wrapping the yarn, gluing as you go along. Embellish as you please. via  craftpassion

Pencil holder from 6 cork trivets






Simply glue the cork trivets together, and once dry, drill holes for your pencils. Easy, and chic. Thank you,  designformankind.

Floppy disk pen holder

floppy disk pencil holder

pencil holder diy


Would you look at that! A pencil holder made out out floppy disks! For this clever little DIY,  you’ll be needing 5 floppy disks, a drill, scissors and some zip ties. Drill holes in four floppy disks, where you want them to come together, a good tip is to place the holes where the indents are. Place the hole for the fifth one slightly above the indent. Zip the four floppy disks together, attaching one at the bottom. instructables has got you covered.

Colorful pencil holders


Find better use for those old coffee cans, soup cans, and whatever else you have lying around by transforming them into colorful, chic pencil holders. Embellish with paint, letters, or whatever else you wish. The possibilities are endless.


But of course! Mason Jars as pencil holders, need I say more?

Teacher pencil vase

pencil vase


We’re guessing  amanda knew her way around her Teachers. We don’t know for sure, but we do know she’s spot on in creating clever pencil holders..made out of pencils. To make one for yourself, you’ll be needing  a can, florist foam and/or styrofoam, 2 boxes of pencils, a circle punch, scissors and some hot glue. Put a small piece if florist foam inside the can and glue a vertical line from the bottom to the top. Press one pencil onto the line of glue and press till the glue dries. Repeat, and finish off with a ribbon.

Phone book pencil holder





This pencil holder will be the focus of every guest that stumbles upon it. For this clever trick, start with a phone book that has been cut down to size, and start by separating the pages of the book into 5 sections. Roll the spine up tightly in the middle, gluing a pencil to the spine. Curve the sections, forming loops and using binder clips to keep them in check. Cut off the ends of the pages so they end up looking square. Set the loops with glue,  applying Mod Podge to the loops, starting with the top edges and then going down the sides.  chicaandjo knows what’s down.

Coffee mugs


The classic college dorm room feel, now found at home. Using your old coffee mug as a pencil holder is an oldie but goodie, and is the easiest hack on the list. Your kitchen is filled with great, unique tools that can double as pencil holders, and it’s just right under your nose.


Check out this cheese grater that has been plastered on the wall, and re-purposed as a chic pencil holder!

Cork pencil cup



pencil cup

cork-pencil-cup diy

Wine lovers rejoice! Transform those corks in a glorious, cheeky pencil holder that’s full of character. It’s as simple as gluing corks to a can. You’re done. via  amandaparkerandfamily

Brush turned pencil holder


Okay, this one is unique bordering lazy, but either way, it’s something that ought to get a few laughs, a point of or two for creativity (or lack of), and as long as it does the job done while look cool, why not! An unusual idea to end the list. We hope you enjoyed. Good luck, and have fun!

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