Easy-To-Do Bathroom Organization Ideas

One of the most important rooms in the home with limited storage space is the bathroom.  It does not matter how big your bathroom is, you will always need additional space organization and storage. There are several ways to add storage and keep your bathroom organized without the need of spending a lot and without the need of bigger area. The following easy-to-do bathroom organization ideas will help you keep your bathroom organized.

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Organize Your Hair Products

Sprays, hair dryers, gels, combs and curlers take up a lot of space in the bathroom. You can buy a plastic container for under the sink and place all your hair supplies here. As you put them in the tub, determine which item you use most of the time. Get rid of those items that you don’t need. When fixing your hair, you can take out the tub easily and return to its place without creating a mess.

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bathroom organization ideas 7Organize your Makeup and Other Beauty Accessories

Drawers are multipurpose that can provide containers for various items like your make up and other beauty accessories. An expandable make up drawer organizer fits in a small drawer and may occupy a bulky cosmetic bag. Compartment with different sizes will organize your eye shadow, lipstick and blush on so you never have to root around to look for the things you need. Make sure that you throw away anything that smells bad or is expired. Old makeup has bacteria and may irritate the skin.

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bathroom organization ideas 5Organize your Medicine Cabinet

Keep your medicines organized by grouping it according to its use. Normally, your medicine cabinet contains first aid needed during emergency. Some are used for everyday grooming and food supplements.  Keep similar objects in labeled storage containers in the linen closet or below the sink. If you need to use these items, slide the container out so you can access it easily.

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Put Some Apothecary Jars to Add Style and Function

If you have some free space, you can invest in some classy apothecary jars to organize necessities. Soap, bath salts, and cotton swabs will look great if placed in clear glass containers. These are very handy when visitors use your bathroom since they easily find what they need without snooping in your cabinets.

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Make a Creative Towel Storage

If your towel rack is not big enough, you can hang your family’s towel by adding hooks to the bathroom. These hooks are less costly, easy to mount and can provide each member of the family space for their towel. The family members can easily identify their towels.

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