Eclectic Living Room Library Designs to Capture Imagination

If you want to have your own library, it would be a great idea to put it in your living room. This is because you will have access to all your favorite books without having to go anywhere else in the house. However, designing your library in the living room can be very tedious. To solve this problem, here are some design samples for libraries that you can use to create your very own reading space as soon as possible.

You can put your shelves right behind the sofa as seen in this picture. You can either choose a low set of shelves or you can go as high as you want. Just be prepared with some ladders to get more access to your favorite books, especially if it’s placed on the higher shelves.

library 1

Source: smithandvansant

This is an elegant way of designing your very own living room library. It is definitely a departure from the normal designs.

library 2

Source: owingsbrothers

A luxurious reading couch like this one can definitely make your library stand out.

library 3

Source: lminteriordesign

You can also use bright colors as a color scheme for the living room library. The bright colors will invite people to read more.

library 4

Source: hortonandco

The picture below shows you the perfect design structure that you should use. An open air library that will extend to the outside garden.

library 5

Source: abramsonteiger

This is a modern take on a classic library design. It is the perfect combination of bohemian and sophisticated designs for a room dedicated to books.

library 6

Source: spacecrafting

Sometimes, you don’t really have to fill the shelves with books. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can use other shelves to house different types of artwork in the library just like this one.

library 7

Source: pauldavisarchitects

This design definitely will be effective for more spacious living rooms. You don’t have to sell your living room and library with shelves. You can choose one corner of the living room as your book space to complement the design of the whole room.

library 8

Source: elementalarchitecture

This is a simple yet elegant living room library design that the family will surely enjoy.

library 9

Source: heliotropearchitects

A minimal living room library design can provide more space for your thoughts and feelings about the books that you read.

library 10

Source: brininstool-lynch

These are just some of the major design options that you can have for your living room library in the future. It is definitely something that you should consider because it will give you more time to yourself while enjoying a good book. So if I were you, I will give it a try as soon as possible.


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