Gorgeous Color Schemes For Your Bedroom

The fresh start of the new year is the perfect time to change up your bedroom’s look. The bedroom is the most sacred of spaces, and it’s the first room you see when your eyes flutter open in the morning, and the last you catch a glimpse of as you fall asleep when the stars are out to play. What better way to pay homage to this wonderful space and spruce up your home than to give it a brand new coat of paint! For the boudoir we’ve carefully selected four color possibilities that’s a guaranteed wow. Each shade is in an unforgettable hue, and is also versatile. Showcased below is an assortment of pictures ranging from traditional to modern design. Have a look through the article, and enjoy!


Let’s start the list with Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013: Gorgeous Emerald. The color evokes elegance, class, the notion of nature, and warmth. It’s the perfect way to bring the riches and wonder of the outdoors in. The jewel-toned depth adds glamour to even the simplest of rooms, breathing life and energy into nook and crummy. It’s the color of the year for a reason. Below you’ll find an emerald bedroom with a stunning accent wall that’ll take your breath away as it celebrates this magnificent color and some precious minerals to boot.

chic emerald bedroom design

Emerald never fails to look crisp and clean. This shade of green is a guaranteed fixer-upper.

chic emerald color scheme

Emerald rooms revel in Hollywood Regency style patterns, such as the lattice ceiling below.

beautiful green wall concept

Take note of how a darker shade of green is complemented when coupled with lamps and artwork in true emerald tones.

green color palette

If it isn’t possible for you to repaint, you can always add accents in the color of your choice! Below you’ll see  walls enhanced by rich shades of emerald in the draperies. The reflective mirror picks up the jewel tones, enhancing the overall motif.

chic and fresh diy wall paint ideas


You’re in for another treat. Tangerine Tango was Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012, and you can bet it intends to stick around. Red and orange fall in love in this fiery shade, a statement color indeed. Here’s a vivid tangerine wall, complemented by fresh white paint throughout the rest of the room, for your viewing pleasure.

beautiful tangerine look

The white, accents, and trim in this clean hue are particularly stunning against the bold shade of tangerine.

chic white and orange design

Another color that goes beautifully with this fiery hue? Purple! In the bedding below you’ll find notes of Magenta and Violet that look absolutely gorgeous mixed in with the tango number.

perfect color combination

Most of the time, one color is all you need to kick some serious butt. But there is beauty in putting together a fool proof combination, if done right. Yellow, red, orange, and fuchsia combine to create one color-happy party in the bedroom below. A sunset in your bedroom, anyone?

best bedroom color ideas

The vibrant tangerine can be just as elegant as the next color. The color epitomizes glamour, especially when paired with furniture in the Hollywood Regency style, and artwork and accents in complementary shades of blue.

diy bedroom design

Midnight Blue

This beautiful and rich blue is a color that many have grown to love. The depth and elegance of midnight blue to exude a masculine touch, as well as feminine elegance, and is a versatile and soothing color that can work in any space you put it in. What’s not to adore?

style tips for the bedroom

The blue bedroom below has an undeniably modern look, thanks to a grated view that’s coupled with an industrial feel. The metal accents make for one very unique space!

midnight blue design

Midnight blue is the perfect backdrop for shades of white, black and lighter azure tones, as seen below.

blue motif

Bring on the white! Blue brings forth sense of summer in every season, thanks to its nautical feel, especially when put together with white furniture.

elegant bedroom design

A classy display of books and small decorative items set against the backdrop of a midnight blue accent wall gives the color a rustic feel. Playful artwork with neon accents gives it a touch of youthful energy.

gorgeous bedroom design

Acid Yellow

To cap off the list, we’ve saved a color that you’ll love. A sure winner, and goes by Acid Yellow. The color is a vivid yellow hue with just a dash of green. The vibrant shade is often paired with brown.

eye catching paint ideas for your wall

For an ultra-modern twist in a sleek bedroom space, brown is the accent color of choice. Keeping the brown around tames the acid yellow and gives it that elegant feel, wouldn’t you say?

gorgeous wall ideas

A touch of salmon and green creates a feminine space below.

how to decorate your wall

This little princess’ bedroom gets its sparkle from saturated colors like pink and green.

yellow motif

We end on a sweet note by giving you a room that combines golden yellow walls with green flooring and white textiles to create a fresh, chic look. Everything that this color embodies.

diy wall paint ideas

From the color of the year, to fiery tangerines, sultry midnight blue, and electric acid yellow; here are just four amazing possibilities you’d want to pick up and try out for your own space. Try one of these great ideas out, and you won’t regret it!




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