Helpful Teen Room Ideas for Small Rooms

Teens usually want a stylish bedroom where they can move around, organize their clutter, relax, and can accommodate their friends. If you are looking for unique teen room ideas for small rooms for your daughter, then this article is for you.  You can still create a stylish retreat for your teen regardless of the size of the bedroom. Your daughter will love these unique ideas and make their small room feel big with style.

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Determine how to add your teen’s style. Having a small bedroom does not mean that she cannot have the frilly canopy bed that she wants. Many teens want to have a contemporary appearance which is perfect for small rooms.  But, if your teen prefers to have an eclectic look or a more conventional look, that is also possible.

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Keeping proportion in mind is the secret in designing a small room. If your teen prefers curvy lines and have lots of fluff, she can have the canopy bed but make sure that the other furniture is simple. To balance the amount of frill, choose the one with smaller prints and softer colors. If your teen prefers contemporary design, they can use bold colors and patterns to create modern clean lines.

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Use a double-purpose furniture. This type of furniture can function in various ways and is very useful in smaller rooms. You can hang the TV on the wall instead of placing it on a dresser or stand. This can save a lot of space. Use medium or small size closet rather than having than having big closet. You keep your seasonal clothing under bed drawer. Having a wall mounted shelving is much better than using stand-alone bookcases.

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Your teen will also love a sofa bed. During the day, the bed can be transformed into a seating furniture. Just make sure that you choose the one that can provide your teen’s body with enough support at night.

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Most teens prefer to study on the floor or in their beds, so ask your teen first if she really needs a desk in her room. A good option is to have a small sliding computer desk, which can serve as a bedside table.

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You can still have a twin-size bed, even if you have a small space. Just choose a wall mounted headboard or you can pick the one without the headboard. You can choose a platform bed since it works well in a small bedroom.
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