How To Transform Furniture With Spray Paint

Is there anything Spray paint can’t fix?…Okay, maybe your bad hair day or Global Warming. But you have to admit, spray paint is one heck of a fun time, and is perfect for when you’re in a style rut. Set a can loose on that furniture you’re itching to spruce up, and you have yourself a work of art. Here’s how you can transform anything into A-R-T

1. Barstools


When you pick up those old stools and paint them a nice, fresh color like green, you have yourself the perfect fixture for your kitchen counter. Always a color that stirs notions of nature and good energy, this positive color is sure to brighten the kitchen, and look amazing while doing so.

2. Dressers


Throw in a fresh coat of black paint and some brand new polished knobs, and you have yourself a dresser that looks like you just bought it. Ain’t paint a magical thing? Black doesn’t end up looking too stark or awkward, just know where to put this big statement color plus furniture piece in. Black furniture goes well in rooms painted in nice, cool, neutral shades. And just look at those knobs! The perfect sheen to this sleek cabinet.

3. Dining chairs


Red knows how to pack a punch, and when you couple this vibrant color with some incredibly stylish Chippendale chairs, you have yourself a knock-out dining area. Always a dynamic color to contend with, pairing Red with other neutrals such as brown, beige, and varying shades of red, you’ll have a room that the style gods themselves curated.

4. Side table


Spray painting a cute little side table is a great way to add vibrancy into your space. Just check out this little fella in electric blue. Blue, aside from it’s vibrant hue and unmistakable allure, is known for being the most memorable color. Calming, bold, and brilliant, this shade is perfect to keep around at home, so it’s best that you stock up on this craaaay color.

5. Bookshelves 


A beautiful, slim book shelf + a can of bright spray paint = match made in heaven. The previously black-clad bookshelf got a total make over in this vibrant yellow shade, and I think it’s safe to say that it looks so incredibly amazing now. This shelf just went from 0 to 100 with the press of a nozzle. Take your time spray painting, a patient spray paint job done right equals zero mistakes, and more importantly, less work you’ll have to do when you inspect your work and you see bold spots. Be patient, it will all be worth it! And don’t forget to adorn your stunning bookshelf with your favorite books, knick knacks, vases of flowers, baubles, and anything else you might want that works with the decorum. We hope this got you inspired to do this as your next DIY! Good luck, and have fun!

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