IKEA Inspired Rooms

IKEA is a dream no more! With our easey-peasey tips and tricks, you’ll have your room looking like something out of IKEA in no time. Read through the article to find out how.

Pick the right colors


One of the most important steps every great designer needs to remember, is picking out the right color. From choosing your favorite shade, working with safe neutral colors, and being adventurous with different shades, there is so much fun in finding the right shade for your room. Mix colors until you find a winner.

Do not over customize 


Don’t over complicate things! The golden rule: there is beauty in simplicity. A sure fire way to make a room look amazing is having clean, elegant personal touches. That’s all there is to it.

Modular furniture 



IKEA is famous for incorporating multi-functional and modern pieces together. They look clean, simple, clever, modern, and classy. Modular furniture is the perfect fit for a decor-style such as this.

Keep the room clean and clutter free

ikea inspired


A room that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary things isn’t efficient or attractive by the least. Keep your room clean, and have only the essentials. Embellish sparingly, and remember to stick to timeless accents and great color schemes in neutrals and clean, vibrant white.

Good luck, and have fun!

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