The Best Tree Bench Designs

There’s nothing better than a beautiful tree bench design that encapsulates the rustic charm and energy that is nature’s way. simple in its purpose and dripping with charm, tree benches are perfect for that afternoon spent outdoors, and look absolutely amazing. For some inspiration on the go, we’ve put together the best tree bench designs for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


Say NO to getting rid of one of nature’s finest features! Instead of getting rid of the tree, why not build a bench around it? Adding some height will work wonders as well, right cairnconstruction? The reddish brown tinged wood of the bench looks great against the other brown shades.


f-architects knows the perfection that building a bench around a tree creates: it looks so natural, it sets the mood just right, and it provides some shade too, for when it gets too hot out. Cozy, convenient, and comfortable. What more could you want?


With so many shapes and designs to go through, you’ll have a great time picking out the design that suits you and your style best. A popular pick would be the hexagon shape, fun and very chic! It’s also easier to put together, which is a welcome idea. Photo grabbed from  tsaxbyarchitect


You haven’t lived until you’ve had the chance to lounge about in one of these babies, or better yet, take a stab at creating this gem for yourself right in your own backyard! This unique spiral style is as eye-catching and elegant as it is cozy. Reminiscent of a seashell, the smooth wooden panels and its wide top is perfect for the whole gang to hang out in.


Just look at  valledeverde‘s gorgeous tropical take on this sand-box esque tree bench! The perfect pit for conversation, great drinks, and even greater friends. The tree in the middle is optional. If you decide to have one placed right in the middle, have the patience to have it grow. You’ll be surprised at how big it will get over time.


Level up in your tree bench game by having your bench enclose a cluster of trees. The perfect thing for that garden of yours. We are loving how beautiful in the garden and convenient to boot this bench is! You don’t even have to touch on the bench’s wood, it gives it more of n untouched look to it.

tree bench

For a clean cut and modern look, having your tree bench in this square-shaped platform is the perfect way to go about it, Simple without looking shabby. Well done,  goexplorenature!

perfect outdoor idea

Tree + treehouse + bench + elevated deck? Dreams do come true! udincgc knows how to have fun, and have a tree bench the envy of the whole neighborhood.


Of course, there’s a DIY for everything, and for those who love a great challenge,  you can build a tree bench yourself without going through all the fuss of having it made. To start, make sure you have 6 equal sections for the bench, and have space between your tree and the bench. Have the diameters measured.


With the seat boards cut to size, lay them in a hexagonal shape and adjust at the joints.


Cut and assemble the legs. you’re going to need about 12. Once all leg sections have been built, assemble the bench and level it.

tree bench diy

Attach a back rest, and you’re all set! Courtesy of thisoldhouse

Urban design

urban bench

This unique and fresh design is perfect for that urban, out-of-the-box feel. Impressive, generous with space, and a sight for sore eyes! Via lepamphlet


This bench’s curved design and smooth, sleek finish is perfect. It even has portholes for the trees to peek out of!


If campus courtyards had more benches like this, school would be more bearable.


This Oscar bench  was designed in such a way to provide comfortable seating alongside the square planters. Perfect for those apartments.

Contemporary design


Vibrant pops of color and different materials are the perfect way to spruce those tree benches up! Green is always so refreshing to look at.


This Round-B bench even comes with a spot to park your bike! Clever indeed.


Continuous, smooth, and gorgeous are just some of the words which best describe CrousCalogero‘s concept of a tree bench. We hope you enjoyed our take on the best tree bench ideas out there. Good luck, and have fun!


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