Various Cottage Designs for Your Own Home or Resort Getaway

If you’re looking to design a resort of your own, why don’t you use this article to inspire you in terms of interior design for the whole resort. The key is to make it as cozy as possible. If you are able to make it feel like a home instead of a luxury resort, I am sure that people will flock to your establishment sooner than you expect.

Here are some design tips that you can do on your own to make sure that your guests will be just as comfortable and relaxed as they would be at home in your particular resort.

The first thing that you can do is to combine textures. As you can see in this picture there is a perfect combination of wood and stone in this particular area of the resort cottage. It definitely reminds me of a rustic cabin in the mountains.

resort cottage 1

In addition, you can also use carpeting to add to the warmth of the place. It will definitely increase the homely atmosphere of this particular place in the future. If you are going for warmth and simplicity, this is the way to go.

resort cottage 2

A fireplace can also add to the beauty of a rustic cottage design like this one. You will never go wrong if you add a fireplace to the interior design plans in the future. Your business will certainly boom if you install a fireplace for sure.

resort cottage 3

This particular bathroom design definitely screams elegance because of the lighting itself. It will definitely add beauty if you install the best lighting fixtures in the bathroom.

resort cottage 4

resort cottage 5

You can also add chandeliers to the ceiling of your resort cottage to increase the elegant atmosphere in the room. This will definitely give you an edge over other resorts for sure.

resort cottage 6

Use this particular living room design if you want to have a cozy, but a simple living area in your home or resort. Either way, you’ll definitely not go wrong with this particular living room design in mind.

resort cottage 7

You can also use this particular stone sink as part of your kitchen design if you want. It will definitely be a unique addition to your interior design plans either for the resort or for your own home in the near future.

resort cottage 8

These are just some of them most effective design additions that you can do for a small cottage work at an apartment that you would want to rent out. Whether you are going to use it as your personal living quarters or not, these designs will definitely give you the style and elegance that you need to capture the attention of your guests in the future.

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