Amazing Storage Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms

Do you have a small bathroom? If the answer is yes, then chances are you would have a problem with storage because of this year lack of space in your bathroom. However, you do not have to worry because there are ways to get around that problem. This article will help you find ways to solve your space problem in the bathroom when it comes to storage. Hopefully, you will be able to apply any of these ideas in the future so that you would be able to maximize the space that you have despite your small bathroom.

First of all, if you had a bare wall, you can use that to install some storage racks to make up for the lack of space in your bathroom. It can also serve as a decorative item on your bathroom wall in the long run.


Source: apartmenttherapy

Secondly, you can also use the wall to install additional shelving for the bathroom. This will increase the storage space significantly for sure.


Source: diycozyhome

In addition to this, you can also add shelving above the door for more storage space. However, it will not be advisable to do if the bathroom door is too high for you.


Source: mysocalledhome

Another good idea for you to do is to add shelves around your sink. This way, you will not have a difficult time reaching around for the stuff that you would want to use in the bathroom. Why? Because it will all be in one place.


Source: walmart

Furthermore, you can add some small trays to serve as your storage unit for smaller items in the bathroom. You can use this as a soap dish or even as a place for your hair bands and pins.


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You can also install some shelving units over the toilet like this one. It will definitely be an ingenious idea that will be good for smaller bathroom spaces in the future.


toilet-shelf-storage-bathroomSource: stonissimo



If you don’t want to put some racks on your bathroom wall, it would be best work with hooks or pods that you can put inside cupboard doors. This way, you will not end up taking up much space while still being able to increase your storage capacity in the bathroom.

cupboard- bathroom storage-solutions

Source: store.magnapods

Lastly, you can install shower curtains with additional shower pockets on them that you can use to store your soap and other knick knacks in the future. This will be a great way to store a lot of your ideas because you will be able to easily reach everything that you might need while taking a shower in the near future.


Source: amazon


Source: wayfair

These are just some of the many storage ideas that you can have for a bathroom that doesn’t have enough space. It is definitely something that you should give a shot to, especially if you have insufficient bathroom space in your house.

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