Best Out Of Waste Craft Ideas

We must all have used at least any of these items listed below in our house but failed to reuse them without knowing that we can actually reuse them. Rather it directly goes to trash after use. Check out the ideas listed below to make the best use out of the waste materials and turn them into something useful.

wine bottle candle holder

Baby lotion container reuse idea:

if you have baby lotion or baby wash at home you can make this holder at ease where all you need is the lotion container, a sharp knife and some colors. Draw the line where you are about to cut the container and then with the knife you can gently cut the container and then color them beautifully before you make use of it, or glue in some colorful fabric

baby wash craft

Old pots turned new!

Who said old pots are ugly? You can turn them into an artistic piece of craft work by pouring on to them some different colored paint and let it dry and your colorful new pots are ready for display.

colorful flower pots

Flip flop wreath:

If you’ve lost one of the flip-flops or got many old ones at home you can make this flip flop wreath and decorate it with flowers and ribbons to make it look even more colorful.

flip flop wreath

Old rugs into doormats:

If you’ve got old plain rugs at home you can cut them into slice shapes and spray paint them like fruit pieces. They will look very colorful and beautiful.

fruit slice doormat

Old stool craft:

Sew in some pouches or you can tie pillow covers to the stools that is topped upside down and make use of it as a chart holder and other craft holder. This is one of the coolest ideas to stack in gift wrapper rolls too.

old stool craft

Old tire swings:

Old tires can be washed and spray painted with beautiful polka dots, and place a cushion into it, later suspend it with ropes from the tree branch and you can make use of it like swing in your backyard.

old tire swing

Plastic lid sun catcher:

Spray paint the plastic lid of the food containers or other lids with different colors and you can pierce a hole in it and hang it by the windowsill. This will form a beautiful sun catcher that will reflect lovely colors into your room.

plastic lid suncatcher

Popsicle stick earring holder:

Save those slender Popsicle sticks and color paint them and stick them together forming a square frame and it can be used like a earring holder of those with hooks.

popsicle earring holder

Old doormat given new look:

Stamp the old door mat with sponge like watermelon slice with sponge and you can put in black dots on top of it with marker or paint, and let it dry, now new designer door mat is ready.

stamped diy doormat



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