10 Lovely Accent Wall Bedroom Design Ideas

These accent wall bedroom design ideas are the best way to break up a large room, to focus on an amazing architectural feature, or to make an ordinary space, extraordinary. Some are easy to do and some may require you to ask help from your friends or from a professional. Check out these lovely accent wall bedroom design ideas.

Under the Sea Inspired Accent Wall Bedroom Design Idea

under the sea inspired accent wall idea

If you want to transform your bedroom into something refreshing, this under the sea inspired accent wall idea will do the trick. This will make your ordinary bedroom unique. This will give you a relaxing atmosphere and comfort. You can check out this bedroom accent wall idea at fohomes.com.

Striped Wood Accent Wall 

striped wood accent wall ideas

This accent wall idea is quite easy to do, but you might need a little help  from a friend. After painting the base, you can measure the desired distance between each wood to create a stripe.  The paint between boards will form a 3-D stripes. This accent wall bedroom design idea is perfect if you have kids who love to camp. To know more about the design visit projectnursery.

Wood Pallet Accent Wall

wood pallet accent wall ideas

This accent wall idea is unbeatable. The design provides visual interest, depth, warmth and character.  Wood pallets are actually very versatile you can do anything with it. You can create a drawer out of it, table and others. Source homedit.com.

Framed Art Accent Wall

artistically framed accent wall ideas

Lining up uniquely design framed art is a lovely accent wall bedroom idea. Make sure that the color of your bedsheet, pillow cases and carpet will complement the color and design of the wall. Use your imagination and think of the colors and designs that will go well with each other. Source: newwayhomedesign.com.

Shell Framed Art Accent Wall

framed bedroom accent wall idea

Just like the unique framed art design, this framed shell art design is simply amazing. With orange bedspread, grey nightstand, silver upholstered sofa what will go wrong. The secret in having a relaxing bedroom is to make sure that you put everything in the right place. Source: newwayhomedesign.com.

Blue Headboard Accent Wall

headboard accent wall ideas

Generally, the headboard is the most inherent feature of the bedroom’s wall, so use color that will emphasize the accent wall. The accent wall idea in the photo makes use of blue paint to accent the wall with unique white design on it. Check out this accent wall idea here.

Fabric Covered Accent Wall

fabric covered accent wall ideas

Use fabric instead of wallpaper if you want to create an unforgettable and unique bedroom accent wall. Keep in mind that in a bedroom accent wall can also serve as the headboard. Source: homedit.com.

DIY Faux Wallpaper Accent Wall

easy to do faux wallpaper accent wall ideas

To achieve the luxe wallpaper appearance for your bedroom accent wall, you can use stencil together with flat and glossy paint. This design is relaxing and impactful. Source: kfddesigns.com.

Green Accent Wall

green bedroom accent wall idea

Pink Accent Wall

pink bedroom accent wall idea

Two of the most popular colors used in the bedroom accent wall are pink and green. Green is a color of richness, prosperity and abundance while pink provide a cozy atmosphere. Choose the color of your bedroom that will best describe your personality. Source: filers-now.com.

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