5 Amazing Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Are you having a hard time storing your bathroom essentials and accessories in your home? Are you looking for better ideas on how to put the shelves in your bathroom to liven up the area and customized it completely?  If so, these 5 amazing bathroom shelving ideas are exactly what you need.

Easy to Access Shelving Storage Ideas 1

easy to access storage 1

Easy to Access Shelving Storage Ideas 2

easy to access storage 2

Easy To Access Bathroom Shelving Idea

The above images show how easy to access shelves can help make your bathroom look spacious and elegant. You can keep your small essentials like toiletries and makeup in pullout drawers. The cabinets are also equipped with drawers for your towels and other toilet materials. Well-painted and well-designed cabinets make your bathroom a relaxing place to complete your bathroom routine.  See more here.

Smart Shelving Idea 1

smart shelving ideas 1

Smart Shelving Idea 2

smart shelving ideas 2

Smart Shelving Ideas

Cabinets and drawers keep your little essentials such as toiletries and cosmetics, while the crate below will serve as towels storage so can access it easily and open up the feeling of the vanity. You can also add smart shelves for better storing ideas. The space between studs is perfect for additional storage. Painted in lively colors, customized racks are complete with canister to store little things, and the clothing wicker container below is perfect for your towels. Check out this site for more ideas.

Add-ons Shelving Idea 1

add on storage 2

Add-ons Shelving Idea 2

add on storage 1

Add On Shelving Idea

Add-on storage can help unclutter your crowded bathroom. If there is enough space in your bathroom, you can add towel bar or shelves to keep your hand towels and other supplies at hand. To make an attractive storage, you can make shelves with colorful paint to liven up the atmosphere in your bathroom.  Source: designswan.com.

Access to Accessories 1

access to accessories storage 2

Access to Accessories 2

access to accessories storage 1

Access to Accessories

Assign shelves for makeup and other delicate accessories with a countertop drawer. You can enhance the drawer by lining up storage cups for tiny items that might get lost if placed in a drawer. Make sure that you can access the shelves and drawers easily. Organize it properly inside so you can get what you need easily. Source: lowes.com

Above-the-Counter Shelves 1

above the counter shelving 1

Above-the-Counter Shelves 2

above the counter shelving 2

Above-the-Counter Shelves

Above the counter shelves is an easy to access storage for toiletries and other bathroom accessories that can be install on the countertop. It is a slender but versatile cabinetry that sits on top of the sinks, with open and closed storage that is easy to access. You can use fancy door holder to enhance the look of your bathroom. Source: besidesign.com.

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