Birthday Table Décor Ideas- Kids Corner

Birthdays are one of the most awaited moments in kid’s life and you can make them all the more on their big day by making the party look fabulous by decorating the party area with finest details. The cake table holds the major center of attraction and you can decorate the cake table or in general birthday tables with the below listed ideas where you can implement it during your kids party.

frozen theme table

Balloon and tulle décor:

Balloons are one of the most easiest ways to decorate the table and you can make use of variety of balloon choices, and selective color shades will make it look even more pretty. The picture shows a Mickey, Minnie party décor where you can make use of pink, white and black balloons. Also wrap the table with a tulle skirt to further make it look pretty.

balloon decor

Candy table décor:

If you haven’t got any decorative stuff and for last minute plans or even for sweet table décor idea you can make use of a variety of candy items on the table to make it look decorative.

candy table decor

Colorful circus canopy:

Create a circus canopy and hang stripes of ribbons around the table, as it will look colorful and very attractive. You can place a clown face in the center of the table, as it will look funny and kids will get attracted towards the table.

circus canopy

Sesame street table birthday décor:

Cover the table with two shades of colorful striped tablecloth and you can further make them look colorful and peppy by placing colorful bowls and adorn the backdrop with pompom sesame street theme face.

colorful sesame street bday table decor

Cupcake and tulle décor:

Decorate the table with beautiful tulle material and this will look like a lovely little girl gown and you can add roses and bows on the rim of the table to make the table skirt look beautiful. Additionally, arrange cupcakes around the table and centerpiece cake.

cupcake table decor

Theme plates and napkins:

If you’ve ordered for theme design plates and napkins you can make use of them to decorate the table and you can make use of any colorful tablecloth as base material for table décor.

designer plates and napkins

Flags and return gifts:

Make a simple flag garland with decorative paper material attached to the long string and you can tie that to the ends of the table. Also place the return gifts on the table to make the table look decorative.

flags and return gifts

Foodie table décor:

This is one of the cool type table décor ideas where you can place small food items on the table like candy, popcorn, mini drink bottles etc.

foodie table decor

Pirate theme table décor:

This is a pirate theme table décor idea where large wheel, brown tablecloth, net, flags, anchor and other marine stuffs are placed on the table.

pirate theme table

Rainbow party:

Just like the rainbow cake you can decorate the cake table with colorful tulle stripes attached to the table rim.

rainbow party



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