Coffee Mug/Cup Reuse Ideas

We must be sometime so frustrated to see or get coffee mugs as presents as we already have dozens of them at home, but now you can recycle the old ones and turn it into a beautiful craft where there will look very decorative and useful too. They are easy and fun to make tough not much of hard work needed.


Bag hangers:

Hot glue the coffee mugs to the wooden board or a plank where you can attach it to the walls and make use of the glued coffee mugs to hang lightweight cloth bags to it. Also you can place key chains within the mugs and carry them while you take the bags away.

bag holder


Pierce holes into the cups and attach ropes or chains and hang them to the trees and you can fill the cup with grains for the birds to feed it and this will make one of the easiest and cheapest bird feeder ideas that can be done at home.

bird feeder

Flower vase:

Place the cup and saucer on the table and fill it with some fresh cut flowers and this will now make a beautiful centerpiece. The color of the cup and the color of the flowers can be matched at times to enhance décor ideas.

flower vase

Hanging garden décor:

All you need is some old coffee cups and some ropes where you can simply tie the cups to the handle and hang them to the threes like a cup curtain and they will look very creative and beautiful too. You can also use them as bird feeders.

hanging garden decor

Lantern idea:

Invert the coffee cup upside down and insert and bulb within it and you can draw the wire out by piercing holes into the cup and saucer and this idea will look great and beautiful for many big homes.


Makeup holder:

Stitch a simple cover with pockets for your coffee mug and you can wrap it around the mug and use it to store your make up brushes and other items like lipstick, gloss, liners and pencils.

make up holder

Also, instead of making use of makeup holder you can also make use of it like stationery storage in similar pattern.

stationery storage

Teacup candle:

If you know how to make candles, then you can make use of these old cups as moulds for your candles as they will look beautiful and decorative than other mould types.

teacup candles


Place these coffee mugs in the center with flowers filled in it and you can arrange it in a row with some letters inscribed as a beautiful centerpiece.

wedding centerpiece


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