Creative Corner – DIY CD Craft Ideas

How many waste CD’s are lying in your house that has been untouched for days and months? Well, every home must’ve got loads and loads of such CDs and we often dispose them not know what to do with the damaged CDs but not anymore as you can now create beautiful crafts out of them by implementing the ideas listed below and adorn your house with the waste CDs that needs disposal.

door hangers

CD curtain, blinds:

Make a CD curtain for blinds for your computer room windows with all those waste CDs and all you need is some drilling machine and some safety pins. Drill some holes carefully in it and join the CDs with safety pin to the desired length and a beautiful curtain is ready.

cd curtain

Photo CD décor idea:

Make a hanging photo CD with some CDs, hanger and lace to suspend the CDs. You can also make use of decorative gift wrappers to decorate the CDs after you suspend the CDs with lace from the hanger and cut the photos and stick on top of the CDs, a beautiful hanging décor is ready.

cd photo decor

Colorful sun catcher:

This is a colorful sun catcher where you can paint the CDs with colorful combination of glass painting and then let them dry before you can hang these CDs to the tree branches in your garden.

colorful suncatcher

Fall craft:

This is another simple craft where you can add wiggly eyes and cut a nose like triangular piece of chart paper and color in orange color like beak and stick dry and colorful leaves like feathers and make these turkeys adorn your walls.

fall craft

Flower vase:

This is a simple flower vase where you need plastic drink bottles and CD and cut the neck of the bottle and stick the mouth of the bottle to the center of the CD and let it dry before you can spray paint them in beautiful colors.

flower vase

Mirror frame décor:

Implement the broken CDs to decorate the old mirror frames or you can break the old CDs to redecorate the old mirror frames and give it a new look. This will look shimmering and unique.

mirror frame

Painted coasters:

Paint the CDs in beautiful designs and make use of them as coasters and place them on the tables and they will look very beautiful and delicate.

painted coasters

Wind spinners:

Decorate the CDs with colorful stones or beads and hang them by the window sill or in your garden as wind spinners and they will look very beautiful.


window charms

wind spinners

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