Different Styled Partially/Fully Covered Patio Ideas

Houses with patio make one of the most luxurious ones with a large area adjoining a space for relaxation. You can design a patio in a unique way instead of usual open ones that were earlier designed. These patios will make a great choice during seasons like summers and will even make the winter breeze tolerable.

massive patio

Climber draped patio:

Look at this beautiful climber draped patio where you can design a patio with wooden railings and then grow beautiful climbers to cover up the roof to area. The fresh green ambiance will make the place look serene. The garden like patio is an alternate garden setting.

climber draped patio1

climber draped patio

Fully covered patio with lawn view:

This is a fully covered roof patio with metal fencing overlooking the enormous lawn. This beautiful balcony styled patio will give you the comfort of enjoying the different seasons from within your home where you get a beautiful outside view from your patio.

covered patio1

Glass top patio:

Look at this beautiful large patio where the large space is covered with glass top roof and the patio is adorned with cushion sofas and ottoman. The trees outside the patio provide the luxury and comfort of fresh cool breeze without the need of any air-conditioning in the patio.

glass top patio

Lounge patio:

This is an enormous lounge patio with a view or swimming pool and lawn outside the house. The patio has an attached bar where one can wine and dine. The cushion chairs, dining table and other chairs placed give the comfort and luxury of relaxation.

lounge patio

Pergola styled patio:

This is a pergola styled patio with a small space adjoining the garden of the house with glass fencing. The wooden rooftop and chairs with a table placed allows you to have a sip of coffee and snack with your family and friends on a breezy day.

pergola styled patio

Rustic patio:

This is a rustic patio with stonewalls and fire pit in the center. This traditional style patio will be very suitable during winters where one can enjoy the luxury of warm fire pit and comfort of soft cushion sofas under cozy sheltered patio.

rustic patio

Modern stone patio:

This is a modern stonewall patio with stone pillars and ceiling, small water fall setting by the side that makes it look very picturesque and modern furniture with black and white stripes that match the grey walls.

stone patio

Terrace patio:

This is a terrace patio where the wooden ceiling and the beautiful maroon striped cushion match very well. The long cushioned sofa on either sides make the patio look very modern. This sea looking patio is one of the most coolest looking and comfortable and elegant terrace patio types of medium size.

terrace patio

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