DIY Lace Décor Ideas

DIY Lace décor ideas will present you with one of the finest end results that will look very beautiful just like store bought ones, and will look simple and elegant too. They are easy to make and you make use of simple ready made lace or crochet material decorate your home.

wall decor

Chair décor idea:

If you are fond of knitting crochet then this will be very interesting for you as you can invest all of your free time in making crochet and join the small crochet patterns to form a cover for the sofa.

chair decor

Dream catcher décor:

Just simple cover the embroidery hoop with lace strip and then hang stripes of lace along with matching beads or feathers and they will make a beautiful dream catcher for your room.

dream catcher

Earring organizer:

Have you got an old antique mirror frame that has long remained around the corner without any use? it’s high time you put them to use, as you can spray paint them and then tie them horizontally with stripes of lace and make use of it as earring organizer.

earring organizer

Lace chandelier:

This lace chandelier is very simple to make as all you need is two varied size embroidery hoops of decreasing size and then tie then with a string and then you can loosely suspend lace around them as shown in the picture for a beautiful lace chandelier.

lace chandelier

Lace lampshade:

Make use of old lampshade frame just like the embroidery hoops and you can just take a long length lace material and just tie that around the frame with a satin ribbon and fasten it with a bow or a large flower to make it look beautiful.

lace lampshade

Lace covered Mason jar:

Another easy DIY décor idea is to wrap the Mason jar with a lace strip and you can further decorate it with bead string or colorful threads. This will look beautiful and the remaining transparent portion can be used to display the inside of the jar.

lace mason jar

Beautiful table runner idea:

How about you make a lovely table runner with old crochets, as you can join these lacey circles in a row and lay them on the table.

lace table runner

Table décor idea:

Cover up the old rustic tables with this kind of lace bordered tablecloth material where they will look very beautiful and elegant too.

table decor

Table setting idea:

Cut a rectangular piece of jute or sac material and sew the borders and you can also sew a patch of lace material on top of it to make the pouch look elegantly beautiful.

table setting


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