DIY Planters For Your Gardens

Decorating gardens is an art by itself and not only with the colorful range of flowers can you decorate the gardens but you can also make use of various DIY crafts in your garden to make it look attractive. The DIY planters listed below will make your garden look beautiful and artistic and you can recycle the waste items in your house or those that were in the garage for long.

old show planter2


Old chandelier planter:

If you have got an old chandelier at home you can repaint the chandelier in bright colors and then suspend them from lamp posts or poles and make use of these chandeliers as planters for small herbs.

chandelier planter

Old bicycle planter:

Make use of an old bicycle as a planter as you can simply use the front basket and then place a basket at the back seat to turn it into a planter. The wheels can also be used for climbers and this cycle idea will look beautiful for implementing flowerpot ideas.

cycle planter

Lantern planters:

Glass lanterns that are of no more use can be filled with some sand and then used to grow cactus plants and this will look different and you can carry it easily anywhere within the house. This is a portable planter type.

lantern planter

Bed frame planter idea:

This is a bed frame planter where the mattress is removed and just the frame is used as a planter. You can fill up the base with sand and grow plants in it and the vast space can be used to grow small plants where it will look beautiful and like a separate section in your garden.

old bed planter

Old wagon planter:

Just like the old bed planter, the wagon planter will also make it look like a separate section in the garden where the space in the wagon will you the advantage to fill up the area with sand and grow plants in it and move around easily wherever required.

old wagon planter

Paint bucket planter:

Dip the paint bucket in some paint to give it some decorative looks and let it air dry and you can later use it for planting small flower plants and herbs in the buckets.

paint bucket planter

Plastic bottle planter:

Cut the base of the plastic bottle and spray paint them or cut and attach the titled cut top end of the bottle to the CD as shown in the picture. You can spray even this similarly to make it look even and beautiful.

plastic bottle planter

Watering can turned into planters:

Turn the old rustic watering cans into planters by just filling it up with some sand and following the same procedure as for the others and your watering can is now turned into a beautiful planter.

watering can planters

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