DIY Tablemats that will give new looks to the tables

There are various ways you can make table arrangement and place setting look very admirable and making use of decorative or unique variety or table mats are one of the kids by which you can bring that looks. Listed below are some of the unique are interesting variety of table mats that you can use to adorn the dining tables in your home and make your guests feel special on special occasions.

rope mats

Burlap mats:

These are burlap mats with names or wordings printed on it with letters blocks or you can simply paint them and let it dry before you iron and use them. These kind of innovative works will look personalized and unique and are very cost effective too.

burlap mats

Chalkboard place mat:

This is a blackboard or chalkboard that is used as a placemat with names written on it. These mats can be used for table setting or place setting with names or table numbers written on them for identification purpose.

chalkboard place mat

Crochet placemat:

For all those crochet lovers who love knitting, colors and playing with wool then you can make as many patterns of crochet needed as per the occasion and the color theme of the day to best match the décor style.

crochet place mat

Denim placemat:

Old denim pants can be used for this purpose where you can cut the pocket side and hem the sides and make use of the pockets to place towels, fork, and spoons and make a beautiful place setting arrangement.

denim placemats

Handwritten doily décor:

How beautiful is this handwritten doily décor where you can personalize your place mat with some beautiful thank you note or love messages as per the occasion and guest and place the mat accordingly, they will look very touching and personal.

handwritten doily decor

Pebbles and felt:

You can stick on some pebbles close to each other with hot glue on felt material and let it dry for sometime and your lovely place mat is ready for use that is heat resistant too.

pebbles and felt

Printed napkins:

If you have old curtains with beautiful prints you can cut them into equal sizes and hem the borders and make use of them as tablemats and they will look very beautiful.

printed napkins

Wine cork placemat:

Just like a pebble mat you can replace it with wine cork and make use of wine cork on the felt material and stick them closely to each other and let it dry before you can use them.

wine cork placemat

Wood slices:

If you have lots of wood lying in your back yard you can cut some slices of them for your party table and place them as a table mat for the rustic natural looks.

wood slices mat

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