Give A New Contemporary Looks To Walls With Geometric Wall Murals/Wall Papers

Have you been thinking of giving a new look to your home instead of considering those usual wallpaper designs and murals you can think of geometric murals to give contemporary looks to the walls! This will give the walls and the entire room a latest trendy look with just a change in the wallpaper design.

colorful geometric wallpaper

Black and white geometric wall mural:

This is a black and white geometric wall mural with solid black shades and different other patterns like polka dots, stripes, curve and lines within the geometric patterns. The wooden flooring in combination with the black and white wall mural makes a perfect stylish combination.

black and white wall mural

Brown wood style pattern:

This is a modern wood style wallpaper where the various combination of line patterns make the wall look very contemporary in its looks and the combination of brown with black stripes is a stylish combination of colors that will match any interior style.

brown woodstyle pattern

Chevron arrow décor:

This is a chevron arrow décor in pink color on a white background and similar white and pink chairs adorning the room give it a elegant touch. This looks both feminine and cute and yet geometric pattern of line combination makes it look unique than regular wallpaper.

chevron arrow decor

Geometric flower wallpaper:

For those who prefer a mix of floral print and modern abstract looks can go with something like this in geometric shapes where the geometric flower shapes with just the outline of the floral pattern framework and the subtle choice of colors for the interiors give it a stylish furbishing.

geometric flower pattern


Star shaped wallpaper:

Yet another abstract wallpaper design that looks modern and fantastic is this one is a star shaped geometric print wallpaper in black and white combination. The entire interiors are in combination of black and white and the things are also in similar color shades, which make it look even more stylish.

geometric star wallpaper

Rainbow geometric wallpaper:

The wall down the stairs are designed with a pattern of geometric shapes in different shades of colors and is so vibrant in looks that gives a new look to the entire room.

rainbow geometric pattern wallpaper

Playing with the triangles:

Triangles are one of the most commonly used geometric pattern in wallpapers as you can tilt them in any direction to form a design and make it look creative. This is a simple navy blue wallpaper with just lines and triangles adorning the room.

stylish pattern

This is another triangular arrangement wallpaper where the triangles are arranged in two different formats to form a design.

traingular wall paper

This is a beautiful wall of triangles in three different shades of triangles that makes the room look very beautiful.

wall of triangles

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