How to Jazz Up Old Containers And Vases In The House

Would you like to have a summer project with your kids as soon as possible? This is the right time for you to read this article because we will help you find out how to transform your old vases and recreate the appearance into something more interesting to look at as decorations.


Materials Needed


Before we begin, let us first discuss the materials that you will need for this project. Here are some of the materials necessary for this endeavor as follows:

  • The vase
  • Metallic decals
  • Paint brush for the foam
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • A can of spray paint
  • Gloss from Mod Podge

Procedural Steps

Now that you know the materials that you will need for this project, you can now proceed to follow the steps to help you to jazz up your old flower vases without difficulty. Here are the steps as follows:

Initially, you need to remove any extra details in your vase. If it has an appliqué or decorative designs, do your best to erase it all. After this, you can use your spray paint through repaint the whole container and give it a brand new color. Do not be afraid to repeat the spray painting as you desire.


Secondly, you can now focus on your decals. After letting the paint dry for a few hours, you can wrap the decals around the base. Make sure to have it overlap a little bit. Make sure to cut the excess decals with your scissors.

As a third step, you can use your hot glue and put a dab of it on the tip of each decal. Then after this, you can proceed to wrap it around your vase effectively without difficulty.

Hot-Glue vase


Metalic-Decals vase

You can repeat the second and third step for other decal designs that you may wish to use as part of your project. This will put some variety into your whole theme.


Step five entails you to repeat the third and second steps again for the last of your decal pattern placed underneath your two previous designs.

Adjust-the-decals vase

As for the finishing touches, do not hesitate to use your fingers to adjust your decals accordingly. It should have a perfect balance and symmetry against the background. Afterward, you can place a layer of Mod Podge gloss over your decorations on the vase. This will help the appliqué stick to the vase even longer.

Paint-the-metalic-area vase

You can use a neutral color for your vase or something else entirely. However, since white is the most neutral of all the colors, you can easily combine it with other color schemes more seamlessly for sure.



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