Indoor Sunken Space Ideas

Sunken spaces are becoming increasingly popular and create a cozy living space. There are various designs by which you can create these interior sunken spaces and they create a style statement about your and the style of the room it is designed.

stylish sitting area

Backyard view sunken space:

This is a beautiful sunken space in living room with open dining room and backyard view with a large open backspace. The open backyard space creates room for more air and natural view and the color theme is subtle accordingly in simple white and grey with white marble stairs leading to the sunken sitting space.

backyard view space

Center living room focus:

This is a center living room focus where the living room is large with wooden flooring opens to other rooms and the center living room is focused as a sunken space with grey corner sofa and cushions and television attached to the wall. This looks very modern and makes it look contemporary.

central living room focus

Colorful sunken sitting space:

This is a dual living room sitting space where the main living room is large with the center sitting space is sunken and is a square shaped with colorful cushions in shades of red placed in ample quantity over white sofa and the rest of the living room also consists of sofa and a reading space.

colorful square sitting area

Cushions in sunken pit:

This is a sunken pit styled contemporary sitting space where the living room with small and the black stairs are matched with the black cushions in the sunken space and contrasting grey cushions that match it to make the sunken space look stylish.

cushions in sunken pit

Elegant brown theme:

This sis an elegant brown theme with brown wooden flooring and brown feather cushion sofas and large glass paneled walls on one side that opens a gigantic view to the outer lush green lawn.

elegant brown theme

Large sunken space:

This is a large living room that itself looks sunken and the dining is attached to it in open kitchen island and the entire place looks lavish. These kinds of interior design will mostly suit large spaces and will make it look more specific and detailed.

large sunken space

Modern circular sunken space:

This is another enormous living room where the sitting area is sunken circular space with modern seating space and colorful green shades solid plain and striped cushions enrich the place.

modern circular sunken space

Official rectangular sitting space:

This is a simple official rectangular sitting space where you can design the stonewalls as the sitting space or add some cushions on top of it.

official sitting space

Pool surrounded sunken space:

This is a pool surrounded with a pool view lavish sunken space that will mostly suit the suit styles villas, and will look extravagant. Though the insides of the sunken space is simple the pool gives it a grand view.

pool surrounded sitting space


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