Outdoor Sunken Space Ideas

Outdoor sunken spaces create a stylish living space atmosphere and make relaxing time even more casual in much stylish attire. You can build an outdoor sunken space in various designs and styles with some of the ideas listed below to make your outdoor living area an iconic one.

stylish outdoor space

Deck styled sunken space:

If you’ve a beach house with shore view then this is one of the best sunken spaces that you can design outdoors, and all you need is some wooden planks and some cushions to create a stylish sunken space. This deck styled sunken space will make beach view houses even more attractive and lovelier.

deck style plank space

Sunken space with a fire pit:

On a causal evening how about a sunken space with a fire pit in it? You can create a sunken space in your garden or backyard where there are cold evenings with one such sunken space to enjoy with your family and friends.

fire pit in sunken pit

Gorgeous graveled outdoor sunken space:

This is a gorgeous outdoor sunken space adjoining the house with wooden beams running above the space and graveled flooring with few plants and wooden seating that makes it absolutely fantastic.

gorgeous outdooe sunken space

Stylish sunken space with green fence:

This sunken space is one of the stylish designs by the poolside with modern color choices with wooden flooring and neatly grazed greenery fencing that makes it look fantastic. The different cushion covers also adds style to the sitting area and makes it look really good.

outdoor sunken space

Concrete sunken area in garden:

This is a garden sunken space where the entire setting is in concrete and stone set up and you can design one such similar thing in your large garden area with a circular space dedicated to sitting area with some colorful cushions added for more comfort and relaxation.


Marble seating space with fire pit:

This is a marble seating space in sunken style with a fire pit in it that is designed in similar marble stone too. The entire place looks elegant with four wooden pillars and beams surrounded by lush green garden.

stone seating space

Sunken barbeque and bar:

This is one of my most favorite outdoor sunken spaces by the side of the pool with a barbeque and mini bar in it. One can just relax and refresh after a long swim by the private sunken space over here.

sunken bbq and bar

Wooden garden lounge:

This is a wooden garden lounge with four posters and lights that make it look magical at night amidst the garden space. This also makes romantic dinners a perfect one.

sunken garden lounge

Sunken outdoor dining:

How about a sunken outdoor dining? Have you ever thought about it? Now design one such outdoor sunken space for family dinners during special occasions if you already have sunken space designed.

sunken outdoor dining

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