Pool Party Décor Ideas- Party Fun

There are so many decorative themes to adorn the party place and for a pool party you can decorate the place according to the theme to add more fun and pep to the party fun. Listed below are some of the most beautiful and creative ideas where you can implement these in any of your party plans.

pool party ideas

Candy balls table décor:

Decorate the table with a small bucket filled with colorful beach ball shaped candies and you can place one such candy in small cups or cupcakes around the candy bucket to make the table look beautiful.

balls candy decor

Bucket décor idea:

Spray paint an old aluminum bucket and then you can stick old flip flop of your little one to the bucket and fill it with towels wrapped around fork and spoons along with some straws.

bucket decor

Colorful table décor idea:

Decorate the table with different colors by choosing two or more color plates, napkins and forks, and arrange them neatly on the table. You can place a large beach ball as a centerpiece to match the color combination.

colorful decor

Set up a mini bar:

Set up a mini bar by the pool where you can set it up with pallet or wooden planks and a grill along with some grilled food and refreshments on display for your guests to serve themselves.

mini bar

Pineapple palm tree:

Place a fruit bar along the pathway of the food counter by arranging pineapples on top of each other like a palm tree and surround it with peeled and fresh cut fruits that will make the fruit bar look colorful and inviting.

pineapple palm tree

Sitting duck idea:

Place a water bath tub of your kid outside near the seating area and you can float some bath toys like ducks or fishes and you can ask your guest to hook them to find their seat number to know their seating plan.

seating ideas

Welcome sign:

If you have a marine theme designed swim ring you can just hang it outside the door or walls to make the signboard look more theme oriented.


Fun signboards:

Place some funny signboards like “No shirts, no shoes, no problem”, “take off your shoes and jump into water” or anything you find interesting.


Towel bar:

Place a towel bar with beautiful towels rolled and placed neatly in a bucket or old bath tub, and you can place a sign board asking your guests to pick one if they’ve forgotten to bring theirs.



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