Pool Side Wedding Ideas

There are various themes that you can select for your big day and one of the simplest locations that can make it a big success is your backyard with a large pool or a location where there is a large pool, to simply put in one phrase “pool side wedding” it is. You can make use of simple elements to decorate the swimming pool and make it look very decorative and yet elegant and make your wedding day a memorable one. Look at the ideas listed below and implement them on your most important day of your life and amaze your friends with the grandeur of theme selection and décor.

turquoise table decor

Aisle side selection:

You can place the aisle along side of the pool where the aisle can be decorated with flower petals and chairs on the other side for your guests to be seated. This will look very photogenic and will make the photos look magical.

beautiful poolside wedding

Drapes and lights:

You can cover the top of the pool with drapes and fairy lights to make it look extra decorative or just leave it plain simple, as the choice is in your hands. This is one of the lavish ideas to add touch of grandeur to the extravagant wedding posh ideas. These will look great especially for late evening weddings.

drapes and lights

Floating balls:

Instead of leaving the water just plain simple you can afloat some balls like floating lanterns, or floral balls, or just simple air filled balls to make the water look more colorful and occupied than plain simple.

floating balls

Floating flowers:

Make use of hula hoop rings and you can fill the inside of the rings with matching colored flowers either original or faux flowers in uniform pattern to make the pool look very decorative on the special occasion.

floating flowers

Parasol and flowers with cushions by the side:

For much more relaxed wedding plan you can arrange for a casual wedding setting with parasol placed on the pool side on a sunny day along with bright flowers, probably faux ones so that they don’t dry up, and some cushions by the side of the pool to make your guests feel more comfortable and at ease.

parasol and faux flowers

Simple arch:

This is a simple transparent arch that looks very beautiful and appropriate for a poolside wedding with rose décor at the entrance of the poolside wedding. This makes the wedding look more decorative right from the entrance.

simple arch

Succulent and candles:

Place some succulent and candles neatly in a row along the edges of the pool where they make a beautiful border of greenery and light. This will look very elegant and beautiful especially for a pool wedding.

succulents and candles

Table setting:

Arrange dining tables for your guests so that they can feel more comfortable to dine and wine as they witness your special moment and the table setting is in matching turquoise blue that makes it perfect for the theme.

table decor


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