Side Table Redesign Projects: The Best Way To Help The Environment

If you want to make sure that you are able to decorate your home with the best side tables that you can find, here are some of the most common tips that you can get on the net. We will try to give you some helpful knowledge about what kind of side table you should get for your living room or bedroom as soon as you can to get the best look for your design in the future.

First of all, you can use metallic materials for your side tables such as brass. This picture shows you just how it would look like just in case you get a hold of it for your living room.


Source: abeautifulmess

Secondly, you can use extra crates in your house and turn them into extra side tables for the bedroom or the living room.


Source: creative-ambitions

Third, you can also turn your side table into the library table, which you can use to store all your cards and important documents in. This will certainly help you find what you’re looking for it easily without much hassle in the future.


Source: thepaintedhive

Another thing that you can do with your side tables is to use heavy-duty materials such as metals or stainless steel. This industrial side table definitely adds character to your home for sure.


Source: lowes

If you have old ottoman seaters in the house, you can always turn them into a fancy side tables without a second thought. You can either repaint them or just keep them as is. Either way, this would work with any interior design plan that you might have in the future.


Source: honeybearlane

On the other hand, if you want to have a more rustic feel, you can use wooden crates and make them serve as your side table in the living room without much difficulty. It is definitely something that you should consider doing especially if you’d like to recycle stuff from your old barn.


Source: thecozyoldfarmhouse

You can always mix it up by combining two separate materials and creating one spectacular design structure. This leather and copper table definitely works well with any interior design plans that you may have in mind.


Source: stylebyemilyhenderson

Furthermore, if you want to go the traditional route, here is a simpler side table design. The white, rectangular side table will definitely make your traditional living room stand out for sure.


Source: thriftyandchic

A rope table can definitely give you the change to recycle old stuff in the house. This will give you a chance to help the environment while keeping the integrity and beauty of your interior design plans intact.


Source: meetmeinphiladelphia

Lastly, here is another effective recycling tip that you can use to recycle some of your old baskets. Install a solid wooden base under your old basket, turn it upside down and use it as your very own side table.


Source: twindragonflydesigns



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