The Blue Dining Room: Various Shades of Design

If you want to have an exquisite looking dining room, using blue as part of your color scheme for this said room is a definite must. Here are some tips on how you can use this particular hue as part of your overall design plan for the dining area in your house.

First, you can use it on the walls as well as some of the furnishings. The blue in the dining room will definitely balance out the earth tones that you will use on the floor if you are going to use this picture for inspiration.

farm Dining-table-chairs-bring-a-splash-of-blue-to-the-dreamy-setting

Secondly, you can use a lighter shade of blue if you’re going for a under the sea theme. This turquoise wall is a definite complement to the furnishings of this dining room.


As a third option, you can use lighter shades of blue for a tropical style dining room design. This picture shows you just how imaginative it can be as a result.

A-splash-of-turquoise blue-for-the-contemporary-dining-room

You can also choose to combine it with other pastel colors. This being said, if you’re going to combine blue with pastel colors, it would be best for you to use a darker shade of blue as a partner to a more vibrant colors like apple green or yellow.


Furthermore, you can also try to pair dark blue with shades of gold. The dark blue walls in this picture definitely makes the gold decor stand out for sure.


A blue color scheme for the dining room is also a good match for metal furnishings. This picture is a perfect example of what I am trying to say.


Additionally, you can also use blue walls as part of a complimentary white color scheme. The dining room will definitely stand out as unique and modern if you would choose to use this particular scheme in the long run.


If you would like to go with a more traditional design, pairing the blue with silver will definitely be one of the best ways for you to redesign your whole dining room.


This is a much cozier dining room design with blue and white as its main color scheme. If you want to have a beach style dining room, this would be the perfect design for you.


Furthermore, you can use blue walls in lighter shades together with warmer colors. Just look at this kitchen. Isn’t it quite lovely to look at?


Lastly, this particular blue dining room reminds me of a dining area for a cute little doll house. You should definitely take inspiration from this particular picture because it will give you something adorable and unique in terms of design that will cater to people of all ages. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try? I am sure that you have nothing to lose.


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