Wedding Return Gift Ideas- Unique Favors

Among various other to-do list in your wedding plan add this minor detail of wedding gifts as they travel a long way even after your wedding gets over. Your guests will be enlighten with the return gifts and will love the attention and importance that you have given them to arrange for something special. Listed below are some of the beautiful ideas to make your wedding a lovely one.

Array of Champaign glasses:

Array of Champaign glasses with thank you note attached to them will make toast to the occasion a special one as they can drink and merry on your special day.

array of champaign glasses

Barn wedding gifts:

Buy small golden or bronze animal statutes and you can attach name tags or thank you note to those animals and give away to your guests as they can keep it as a memento of your wedding

barn wedding gifts

Place cards in rocher:

You can attach place cards or table numbers to the ferrero rocher and place them on the table as it can serve as a sweet return gift.

cards in tray

Circular arrangement of mini bottles:

Place a large centerpiece and you can circularly arrange mini bottles with nametags and leave them on the table for your guests to serve themselves as a return gift. They will look very innovative and a symbolic representation of drink and merriment.

circular arrangement

Coffee bag return gifts:

Coffee bags are one of the most exotic aromas that most people will love and you can send this aroma of love along with them as a return gift after your wedding.

coffee bags

Diy spice bottles:

You can also bottle up spices in little glass containers and label it with unique and catchy titles that will attract your guests. You can also bottle up different flavors in bottles and your guests can have the freedom of choosing their own favorite spice back home.

diy spice favors

Mini fruit baskets:

How about mini fruit baskets with different kind of berries in them along with names and table numbers or thank you note as a return gift? They will be as sweet as you as a return gift!

fruit baskets

Popcorn gifts:

Look at this movie themed return gift where you can place popcorns and filmstrip with names on it. Now isn’t it cool?

popcorn gifts

Return bubble gifts:

You can place bubbles as return gifts where they can blow them while they send off the couple.

return bubble gifts

Succulent as gifts:

Let the love grow even after your wedding day, and succulents can be given away as return gifts.

succulents as gifts


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