Wedding Seating Arrangements/Plans Ideas

Arranging proper way to make your guests seated is one of the most important things as your guests are the primary importance on your big day. As they witness your vowing ceremony they need to be given the comfort of seating properly and uniquely too. Listed below are some of the ideas where you can arrange your wedding seating ideas as such to make seating plan as a unique one.

unique ottoman seating

Carpet with cushions:

You can place carpets on the grass floor with some cushions around the corner of each and every carpet to make it look beautiful and to create some comfort and luxury. This will look very casual and unique especially for garden weddings under the trees where the warmth of the sun and breeze will make the day even more perfect.

carpet with cushions

Additionally you can also add pallet benches in front of the carpet to make dining easier and more comfortable for the guests. Also, place few decorative items like flowers, berry baskets or twig décor to make it look decorative.

carpet with pallet benches

Colorful seating idea:

This is a colorful seating idea where beautiful and bright canopy styled tents are arranged at few places and rest of the place is arranged with bright cushions covered with yellow and pink cushion covers that make the place look bright and colorful.

colorful seating

Facing each other:

Place the chairs in such a way that they are facing each other instead of the front side, which is the usual way of placing the cushions. This will look unique and fun way to have a ceremony celebrated where everyone can have view of the entire place including the guests.

facing each other

Hay bale seating:

If you are planning for a ranch wedding then you can arrange for seating where seats are nothing but bunch of hay bale covered with soft fabric. You can also place some parasols near the hay bale to add some décor and detail to the setting.

hay bale ceremony seating

You may also place dining table with straw bales covered with cloth and make the dining area look unique.


Circular seating arrangement:

Place round tables and chairs around it to make circular seating arrangement look beautiful and classy with sashes around the chairs to give a decorative look. The beautiful outdoor area with the lake view makes the entire setting looks amazing.

round table seating

Royal vintage:

Place royal vintage cushion sofas of different kinds and models placed at equal intervals to make the place setting look unique as the royal seating arrangement theme will look classic.

royal vintage

Sofa with cushions:

You can place some sofas with cushions under the trees in outdoor weddings to make the outdoor theme wedding more casual and relaxed.

sofa with cushions



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