10 Cool Planter Designs For The Modern Home

If you would like to have the best when it comes to house decorations, why don’t you try using some planters as décor? It will give you the opportunity to experiment and enjoy a variety of colors and designs while communing with nature right inside your house. Here are some of the most aesthetically innovative samples you can have and use in your home.

Initially, I even tried to have the animal inspired planters of different shapes and colors. In the first picture, you can have this whale planter that will give you a connection to the ocean for sure.


Next is this capybara planter that was inspired by a cute little rodent. This particular planter is really close to my heart because I was born in the year of the rat. This will be a good collection if you are allergic to rodents, but would want to have a pet in the house.


Here is a fox planter that will be good for the windows or any other corner in the house with  a wood paneling.


Source: lostateminor

If you would want something more wild and one with nature in terms of theme, I suggest that you take these sculpted animal planters and use them anywhere in the house.


This navy blue rhinoceros planter can be a good décor if you have deeper shades of colors when it comes the scheme of your home. It will definitely fit into this type of color scheme.


On the other had this silver crocodile reminds me of something that can come from oriental origins. It is definitely something that will stand out in your house, especially if you are fond of exotic decorations.

animal-planter crocodile

This cute hippopotamus planter can be another great addition to your house décor ensemble especially if you love animal themed decorations in your home.

animal-planter hippo

Source: etsy

Furthermore, if you want to have a unique collection of planters, why don’t you try planters made of yarn or felt. They are absolutely cute and adorable to look at for sure. Just look at this picture.


This one reminds me of a grumpy cat for sure. I think it’s the eyes. Be that as of may, it will surely be another great decorative piece for your home.


If you want something even cuter, this chick in the egg planter definitely takes the cake. It will give you something colorful and extremely cute to look at in your house.


Source: etsy

These are just some of the many different kinds of planters that you can avail of to decorate your home. It has everything that you need to make your garden and indoor plantation even more beautiful for sure. So if I were you, I will definitely invest in these planters as soon as possible.



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