10 Efficient DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are places where we often go lack of space to store essentials and look for storage needs to keep the things, but we are never really organized. Listed below are some of the brilliant storage ideas that will help you with your storage needs and solve the problem of space requirement and keep you organized in a cost efficient way.

Cake stand as toiletry organizer:

Look at this beautiful silver cake stand that is placed over the counter top with toiletries organized on top of it like body washes, and perfumes. This will look beautiful easy to grab, beautiful to display and keeps things organized on a tray.

cake stand

Crate storage attached to the walls:

This is a crate storage boxes that is attached to the walls with metal grill brackets and this can be used to store washed and folded towels in an order where it will be easy to grab when required.

crate storage

Small flowerpots as buds holder:

Wash and clean the little terracotta pots and you can let them dry before painting them in desired colors and then again let it fully dry. Now make use of these colorful pots to store ear swabs, buds, cotton balls, and soap.

flower pots storage

Hanging fruit basket:

This is an old hanging fruit basket that is of now more use in the kitchen that is now brought to the bathroom to store the toiletries. You can also purchase one for this purpose if you have limited space and love this idea of storage.

hanging fruit basket storage

Mason jars are always handy!

You can always use mason jars for storing almost anything and bathroom storage is no exception. This is another lovely idea where you can stack an array of mason jars and make use of them to store the comb, brushes, paste and other items in an organized way with names on the jars.

mason jar storage

pvc pipes for storing hair dryers:

Look at this pvc pipe storage idea where you can cut the pvc pipe and make use of it to store the hair dryer and hair straighter.

pvc pipes

Bathroom caddy with pouches:

Attach a bathroom caddy with many pouches in it beneath the sink cabinet door and it will save space and will stay hidden behind the door.

under sink pocket organizer

Wine barrel storage:

You can also make use of wine barrels to store towels and other toiletry needs, as this will be strong enough to hold things.

wine barrel storage

Wine rack as towel holder:

This is a wine bottle holder that is replaced as a towel rack, where the towels are neatly rolled and stored instead of the bottles.

wine rack towel storage

Wooden planks and ropes:

You can pierce holes into the wood and join them with ropes but securing space between them but putting knots in the ropes and use them as hanging shelves in the bathroom.

wood planks and rope

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