6 Tips to Make Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Are you wondering how to make your small bathroom look much bigger and more organized than the clumsy cluttered way it actually is? It is very simple, it all depends on the way you organize the things in your bathroom and the elements you choose to adorn it. Here are some simple six steps to make your small bathroom appear bigger and much better than it actually is.

Add mirrors:

Mirrors have a special magic to make the room appear larger and better and it also depends on where you place the mirrors. You should place them above the flooring and opposite to the light ventilation if any and opposite to the doors, this will make it reflect the light and make the room appear bright and when you place it opposite to the doors it gives an illusion it looking bigger. Also do not place any trash or stacked pile or things opposite to the mirror as it creates a negative impact in the room. These are some of the advantages of placing mirrors, and additionally you can also place large floor length mirrors, or use mirror tiles or mirrored bath tub in your bathroom to create these effects.

add mirror

large mirror

Build cabinets:

Instead of having too many open shelves and open storage you can build cabinets with wooden doors beneath the wash area or anywhere there is space for storage, this will keep things organized and will keep it concealed behind the doors without having to reveal the cluttered mess. This will create a very decent look to your bathroom and will make it look very good.

build cabinets

Organized shelf storage:

If you are unable to build cabinets then you can cleverly organize the shelf storage with the limited space you have. Shelves can be built above the closets, by the side of the bath tubs like linear columns for towel storage or by the sides where you have space. But this should be neatly organized and maintained for better looks.

shelf storage

clever storage idea

clever storage

Make use of glass doors:

You can make use of glass doors for your small bathroom to give it an illusion of bigger space impression as they are transparent and won’t hinder the view that they occupy.

glass doorsglass doors within bathoom

Light colored walls:

You should make use f light color paint for the walls of the bathroom and the ceiling should be lighter shade than the side walls to give it a farther look.

light colored walls

Limited fixtures:

If you have made use of dark colored walls or haven’t got other elements like mirrors or cabinets, use limited fixtures in the bathroom to give it a spacious look. This will create a large space impression.

limited fixtures

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