Brick Patios With Elegant Charm for The Modern Home Owner

Are you looking for alternative patio designs that you can use for your own home in the future? If this is the case for you, this is the article that you should be reading right now. We will give you some tips on how you can renovate your patio in such a way that you will be able to infuse it with a certain charm and elegance that will certainly attract your guests to come back and spend more time in your house.

First off, you have to consider this basic you will have for your patio. Would you want to enjoy a spacious patio design? Or would you want to decorate it with various flowering plants with different colors? Either way, this picture will surely be a good basis for your design.


Source: hgcinc

What I like about this picture is the medium sized fountain in the middle of the patio that will certainly capture the attention of all your guests even before they enter the house. The brick pathway certainly adds to the charm of the whole design.


Source: houzz

If you want to have a lot of people over, just add some more chairs to your patio seating area. Just look at this picture. It is the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary designs for sure.

DIY-paver-brick patio-from-Lowes

Source: lowes

The brick would be the perfect choice to use as a base material, especially if you have smaller patios. It will give you an illusion of space while keeping the aesthetic value intact.


Source: ehow

Are you fond of the bohemian style and design? Why don’t you use it for your patio just like this? It will certainly be a unique and beautiful way to design your own seating area outside the house in the future.


Source: lonny

The good thing about breaks is that it is so small that you can experiment with a lot of patterns and aesthetic designs if you are to use it as your basic material for a patio. Just look at this poolside patio design. Isn’t it quite amazing?


Source: kikuchiandassociates

If you want to enclose your patio and seating area in plants, using a running brick pattern for the ground can definitely be an effective way to design this particular space.


Source: smallhomelove

If you want a modern and a rustic combination when it comes to designing your patio with bricks, choosing the right kind of furniture will do the trick. If you look at this picture, the elegant furnishings complete the whole patio design for sure.

Charming-Beverly-Hills-brick patio

Source: sfadesign

On the other hand, if you want simplicity in your design, why don’t you try choosing the mid century patio designs with a herringbone pattern as a nice touch? It will definitely add personality and character to your patio designs in the future.


Source: lonny

In conclusion, the herringbone pattern can also be used indoors as well as outdoors. So if you want a matching brick design for your patio as well as inside the home, this is the perfect material to use. I am sure that you will not regret it.

Herringbone-brick patio-design

Source: familygardentrains


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