Contemporary Chic: Sleek New Ways To Redecorate The Living Room

If you want something new and different when it comes to living room decorations and styles, you should not be afraid to experiment. However, it can be very difficult for you to get things started. Fortunately, this article will give you some tips on how to do so without difficulty. Here are some tips as follows:

Initially, you have to think about the color scheme of your living room. Monochromatic color schemes can be good for the living room, but combining it with lighter colors can be a good thing as well. Just sit at this picture and see how the bright and monochromatic color schemes together affect the living room.

gray chic living room

Source: jackiedicaradesign

Also, you have to be aware of the lighting. It should not be too bright and two dim at the same time. It should complement the color scheme of your living room just like this one.

bright chic living room

Source: marieburgosdesign

On the other hand, latching the color of the upholstery with the floor coverings can be a good design ploy as well. This picture just shows you how effective it can be as a design  theme.

eclectic chic living room

Source: palandsmith

Here is a contemporary design that will definitely bring out the style and substance in the whole space. You should definitely give it a try for your own living room in the future.

sophisticated chic living room


Source: eladgonen

Some people may think an all white living room can be a bit boring in terms of design aesthetics. However, this picture proves otherwise. With a dash of color here and there, it strikes a perfect balance between sassy and elegant.

white chic living room

Source: upscaleconstruction

Here is a perfect combination of earth tones and Mediterranean style furnishings that will definitely bring out the best in your living room.

earth chic living room

Source: willmaninteriors

This particular design reminds me of a cozy cottage living room that will fit a simpler taste. If you want to have a simple elegance in your living room, this is the perfect pattern that you should follow.

sumply chic living room

Source: drakeinteriordesign

Here is a much more formal design for a living room that can also turn into a receiving area for your work clients in the future. You should consider this design if you are tasked ever thinking about working from home.

formal chic living room

Source: studiokwphotography

In this picture, you can see how elegance and simplicity is perfectly combined into one beautiful living room design. The color scheme and contemporary gadgets in the living room will definitely serve the greater purpose of entertainment for the family.

cozy chic living room


Source: oharainteriors

This particular design reminds me of a small cottage sized living room. Because of the color scheme and patterns used, anyone who is more into country rustic designs will definitely enjoy this particular living room design in the future.

country chic living room

Source: michaelabrams




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